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anyone else glad it’s over?

December 27, 2006 Leave a comment


Hope everybody has survived their families intact and is enjoying the world reverting to some state of normality as much as I am!

In fact I have a lovely quiet festive period, for which I am very grateful 🙂

For Pooka_joe‘s birthday we went to Pizza Hut, which seems to be the only place down here that does good pizza, and then went to see Casino Royale. Which I would highly recommend!! There is a wonderful free-running sequence and it’s generally much more visceral than most recent Bond’s; much more like I imagine being a double-o would be like. It was wicked!!

We did most of our food shopping on the 23rd, which I was worried about. I thought ASDA would be packed and all the food would be gone with all the mad panic buyers. Actually it was the quietest I have EVER seen it 🙂 We will be doing the same next year I reckon.

Christmas Eve, Sara and Ella came round for lunch, kicked of the festivities nice and early 🙂

Christmas day we had warm french bread and ricotta for breakfast; and for lunch a lovely Korma with Peshwari naan. And for dinner we had a whole mint vianetta 🙂 Very festive, hehe. Got some funky shinies too, pooka got me an MP3 player, wonderful Body Shop smellies and Stardust 🙂 And there was much much chocolate yay!

I enjoyed the festive Who. The Santa’s/trees were better this year (though I am having to stop myself from questioning why they were back and what they had been doing for the past year and stuff…..maybe they come through some strange dimensional rift that only opens on Xmas eve, something to do with all the electricity being used for the lights???) I liked the companion being someone who was thick as mince and clearly not enjoying the whole thing.
But what I really enjoyed was the Dr Who concert thingy, that was awesome!!

Boxing Day we went to my Grans to see dad for a proper roast and stuff, pretty much the rest of the family bailed though. My sister Jenny is now 8 months pregnant and trying not to do too much by the sounds of it, haven’t been able to get hold of AJ for over a week so don’t really know what he’s up too and most of th rest of them are coming down on the 30th! Came back here and had cheese and biscuits (white stilton & apricot, wensleydale & cranberry, cheddar and ricotta yummy) and watched House which I got pooka_joe for his birthday.

And now he’s back to work and it’s all normal and dull again.

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What beach?? and crimble sparklies

December 4, 2006 2 comments

This weekend we have done exciting things!

On Saturday we went to Godrevy over the dunes to the beach, well what would normally be the beach but the tide was really high, and it was a little blowy….. Got some awesome pics of waves crashing on rocks though 🙂

On Sunday we put up the xmas decorations, so now the flat looks all sparkly and christmassy. And I’ve eaten most of the chocolate off the tree already and we were so good with it last year, I distinctly remember finding chocs when I took the tree down. In my defense the tree is right beside where I sit and they look at me 😉

Apart from that we bought Final Fantasy 8 with the intention to sell it on, but as always with these games we’re totally sucked into playing the damn thing. I have spent most of the last 2 days watching Pooka play the game (cos I can’t be arsed to do it myself, or to try to get the controller off him :P)

Anyway our landlord is apparently going to come to get the rent in the next half an hour. I say apparently, he was due to come yesterday……

Here is our tiny tree 😀

This is normally one of the biggest beaches in Cornwall, Pooka doesn’t believe me though.

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November 29, 2006 Leave a comment

Oh my it’s been a while since I’ve updated; again!

Last Wednesday I went to the lovely Sara’s new house to help her paint, and discovered the other person she’d roped in to paint was a random weirdo who had been my brothers flatmate a few years ago. Last time I saw him he had just been barred from at least 3 Truro pubs for taking photos of girls without asking and he was wearing a bomber-jacket inside out – as in bright orange side out – He’s one of those people I had hoped to NEVER meet again. So in particularly grown-up fashion I just made out I didn’t know him and did my best to avoid him.

Pretty much all of thurs & fri were spent moving stuff for Sara. She has lost her mobile which is a complete pain in the arse, cos we kept turning up, getting bored waiting, load/unload the van and she would arrive just as we were about to finish. But she did buy us food 🙂

I also had an interview at the Citizens Advice Bureau to become a volunteer; but they aren’t taking anyone on til March and the bloke seemed to spend most of the interview telling me things to try and put me off; which was weird. Apparently I will need to apply again nearer the time.

And the christmas lights have been switched on in Penryn! And they are almost Exactly the same as they were when I was a kid which is wicked! And there was a crepe stall 😀 and the primary school singing carols badly. They were much better in my day, hehe ;P

Hope everybody here is well, I’m off to make sure dinner and stuff is all done before Torchwood starts; I want to see which movie they have ripped off this week. I did like Torchwood does Texas Chainsaw Massacre but I’m hoping for something alittle more sci-fi this week 😛

waaaah 2006

January 1, 2006 4 comments

Happy New Year to everybody!!!! I’ve got my fingers crossed that this year is not going to race to 2007 at the same breakneck speed that last year did! Well I can hope ;0)

Had a lovely week, of course Christmas was lovely, had lots of people here and watched Dr Who and played Buzz on Pooka_joe‘s PS2 and Worms which is always good for a bit of sadistic fun, although you shouldn’t be allowed to name your worms after characters that we play in Vampire, cos that means sometimes to have to kill yourslef, which is just wrong. 😀

Was back at work on Tues, though I use the term work very loosely…Tuesday we got sent home early cos the boilers wouldn’t fire meaning it was bloody freezing, wednesday we found out this was cos the heating had been turned off when the nice heating man came and fixed it, but this meant we were in the building for the whole shift 😦 Thursday I got to leave 2 hours early cos my senior was being lovely, friday I only did a half day cos, out of the 4 staff due in 2 of us turned up and he had flu and was just too ill to work and I’m not allowed to keep the building open on my own, and the saturday half day I was meant to do became 1 hour in which I had to go into work, check everything was ok and set all the alarms etc ready for being shut til Tuesday. This was again because I seem to be the only member of staff not on deaths door currently, or so they are all claiming anyway ;0) And we had a maximum of 8 kids in the building at any point this week, what a skive, if only it was always like that….or maybe not, that would be dreadfully dull.

And yesterday I went shopping with Pickwick, in that we went to town together and bumped into each other a lot and did much communication by text, but I am crap at shopping with other people, I wander off far too much (sorry Pickwick) but I bought some desperately needed clothes, I was in danger of wearing out the one skirt and two pairs of trousers that I was wearing constantly (not all at once) and it was much fun.

With the exception of LJ I seem to have spoken to just about every person I have ever been friends with in the last 10 days, which is absolutely wonderful. And it snowed!!! And I have drank far too juch Baileys this week, especially considering I don’t/didn’t drink ;0)

Today I went walking round Bellahouston park with Pooka_joe which was very chilled out and cool. And everything else is great.

Hope your all having a fab new year and that it continues to be wonderful ;0)

nearly there..

December 22, 2005 5 comments

oh god I can’t wait to get a couple of days off I so cannot be bothered with anything right now. I want a lie in and a bit o peace and quiet!! Which is unlikely over xmas, but I can hope!!

The last couple of days haven’t really been that exciting, I did get to buy 130 christmas presents for our kids on monday which was great fun. Putting up with packed shops and enormous queues is much easier when its both on works time and with works money ;0) And somehow we managed to find 130 decent xmas presents for £130 which I didn’t think was possible!!

I also managed to miss the xmas party at work, which I should technically be sad about, cos that would meant giving away the presents to lots of cute kiddies, whicyh would have been lovely. Instead I was attending the Personal Safety at Work training and got to go for lunch with a rather sexy lifeguard who was just lovely. So it was a good day, the training was good too, we got sweeties and everything!!

Work has been fairly uneventful, the building hasn’t fallen down yet, the kids haven’t killed each other yet and the boss brought his puppy dog into work today. Its a Hungarian Vizsla puppy and its just gorgeous!! It has legs that seem to be far too long for the rest of its body and it bounces and bounces and bounces, its absolutley mental!!

On a slightly less jolly note, I’ve been told in the last week by one boss that I will probably be kept on when the lassie I’m doing maternity cover for comes back, even if only part time to cover all the sickness (which is at 26% apparently same as social work and nursing, or so they tell me anyway) and that there will be major restructuring in April and I will more than likely get a post then…or at least be able to apply for one. Then yesterday the other boss told me that I will definately be leaving when the mum comes back; there are no dates yet, its up to her to let them know, they aren’t allowed to ask. I could be kept on the same contract for up to a year if she decides not to come back immediately but no one knows. (as usual)
And then tonight I got a lift home with the citywide senior playworker and he says that Playservice will definately be restructuring in April, no one is meant to know yet, and that that will definately mean more jobs at ground level as they will need full time playworkers in each area and currently they only have 6 f/t and 5 part time based at the two centres. This could be good this could be bad. I wish somebody knew enough to give me straight answer so I could plan what I am going to do, but judging on past experience I may as well hope to be transported to the moon in my sleep as that is more likely to happen. I will keep you posted.

And for fun go do this, its like computer tamagotchi, but better!!!! And there’s this funky xmas game which is also shameless promotion of my works website ;0) I have been stuck creating and playing with my pet for an hour….just..can’ tear..myself..away


December 18, 2005 3 comments

twas our christmas night in last night at work! (to clarify in case I hadn’t mentioned we decided to have our works do in our own building and order in vast amounts of take away rather than going to a noisy over priced restaurant.) It was lovely and of course because we are all Playworkers the place got decorated with all kinds of sparkly things and there was a christmas quiz. My team came last, we did very badly despite all of our best efforts at cheating, us being the f/t Beacon team of workers and the meal being in our library…. :s

So maybe I concede a little christmas spirit ;0) Everybody has been wonderful these last couple of days, surprisingly the folk at my work, who I spend most of my time thinking hate me, have been absolutely awesome, messages offering shoulders, offers of lifts and vast amounts of chocolate and skiving. They all seem to be fairly insistent that I should go home for xmas, until I pointed out that my mum is in the process of moving house ready for the big move to Bulgaria and my dad currently lives in a bedsit,and more importantly I can’t miss our little soiree xmas evening and they offered me what seems to be a silly amount of time off, especially considering how understaffed the place is!! Should get dumped more often, seems to bring out the best in the rest of the world :0)

And today I bumbled off into town, get some more bits for next weekend. I know I mentioned that I had probably forgotten something in all my organisedness, cards, i forgot christmas cards. doh.

I spent about half an hour wandering around Woolies arguing as to whether or not I should buy the £5 tin of liquorice allsorts, just cos they’re cheap does not mean I need them…but to hang with it, when have I ever let that bother me before?! So we now have a big tin of allsorts and I have the suspicion that I am the only one who likes them, or maybe I’m just being hopeful ;0)

And, after spending the whole day cursing my headphones for falling out of ears every 30 seconds, I found some of those ones that curl round your ears for £1. Unfortunately they are too big for my ickle ears and are even more annoying than the orginal old battered ones. I think thats the worlds way of telling me not to buy shite for myself in the week before xmas…wait til the sales in Jan when the decent ones will be cheaper ;0)

And then I ran into a guy I used to work with at the horrible call centre last year, and the mad bastard is still there and still on Sexwise!!! So we slagged off children for a while on a street corner, he slagged me for being dull having now given up the fags as well as not drinking and so we decided we should go and do something cultured so we are going to go to the Tron panto after xmas when it will be quieter. Yay panto!!

The moral of the story kids is: sometimes its really worth leaving the house, even when its so cloudy the streetlights are still on and you feel like shit. ;0)

I’ve taken the day off, I bloody deserve it

December 16, 2005 9 comments

I’ve taken the day off. This seemed like the best idea ever this morning, forgetting of course that daytime tv is dreadful and that going to the shop would involve having to deal with all of Somerfield dressed as santa’s elves.

For anybody thats not heard me rant about it before, xmas fucking stinks. bring on January the 3rd when we can all get back to bloody normal and everybody is going to stop this enforced fucking jollity. if you are in a good mood fine; but don’t expect me to become Julie bloody Andrews and start singing just because you have tinsel in your hair you fucking numpty. I’m not in the mood.

Everything sucks and even Bagpuss has stopped listening to me rant. Bastarding bloody teddybears never have anything good to say anyway.

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