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the selling of things, shameless plugging!

October 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Finally got round to listing some of my tie-dyes on folksy!!! I have had an account there with the intention of listing stuff for *months*

Looksee my own virtual shop!!! very exciting! There’s much more to go up, but girls are starting to complain….


I think I am pretty much done with ebay after my last items sold for a single penny and the buyer then had the gaul to complain about postage *rolls eyes* I think I may try gumtree to sell the girls cast offs that they haven’t utterly wrecked, unless anyone has better suggestions?

Now to try and get things listed while the girls are trying to climb on me. It’s challenging this trying to make money from home lark!


listing fever!

So my hubby gained a new client for his bookkeeping service, which is grand, but oh my this guy looks like he may be hard work! Bless him, he’s nice enough but he’s been here twice before 9am this week, eeeek! Now I’m sureΒ youΒ can imagine with the small amounts of sleep that our girls allow, I’m rarely dressed before that time unless I have prior warning! My mornings are spent running round sorting laundry and feeding children for hours before I get a moment to think about me. Β So I’ve had to charge upstairs like a woman possessed before being caught in my not very attractive pj’s by a bloke we want to pay us!

Anyway, this new development has meant that hubby has even less time to list odds and ends on ebay, and I had noticed that despite me asking he hadn’t done anything pretty with the text either, so I decided to take over. I’m not really sure how it had ended up that he was listing everything in the first place, but no more! This week I have listed a number more baby clothes that Ivy has grown out of far too quickly, and had fun choosing silly colours for the text in the description. I wonder whether anyone else cares about that? Is it just me? See, I like a listing that someone has taken a little time over, that they’ve chosen a font and colour for at least. And I much prefer it being centred rather than right aligned, it just seems lazy to me to just work with the default settings. Β But I do wonder if anyone else actually cares what side the text has been set to.

We’ve had something of a clear out too, it’s amazing how many phones you can gather when using contracts. We had six, lying about in cupboards and on bookshelves, some kept as emergency back ups, a couple that were broken beyond all reasonable repair, one my hubby had smashed in frustration at his bad signal. All now sent off to a recycling company, always nice to make a few pennies from old junk and hopefully will be of use to someone somewhere.

I delivered my embroidered cushion off to my bro and sis in law, not really sure what they made of it to be honest, but I’m glad I made them something different. Hopefully it’ll be memorable at the very least. I’ve also been making keyrings, with an eye to selling them on my new folksy shop. So far I’ve made one for hubby and both girls, a padded, embroidered initial for each of them. Hopefully I’ll be able to sell a few of them on, I enjoy making them.

Anyway, our fabulous, joyous neighbours have folk over, so I’m off to attempt to sleep before they really get the party going. Such joy it is to live by teenagers. Not. I truly honestly hope that when they’re boring like me they have people like them living next door, who are noisy, inconsiderate and bloody unfriendly. They even cross the road to avoid talking to me, and look in the other direction when I say hello 😦 ah well, with every row hopefully they’re a step closer to out the door for good. Please.

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first time at the hospital in a whole month!

Which is something of an event in itself, it’s the longest period of time I’ve spent away from Royal Cornwall in at least 8 months!
Today Ivy had her physio appointment, just another follow up, all to do with spending so much time flat on her back in an incubator. Most incubator bound babies get positioned in various weird and wonderful ways at the request of the physios in order to make sure the muscles develop similarly to how they would in the womb, but as Ivy had so many tummy troubles she spent most of her time flat on her back so they could monitor her. Normally she would have spent time on her belly, and time on each side. As a result of this the muscle between her shoulder blades is shorter than it should be, so she brings her hands up to her face upside down, if that makes sense, and doesn’t push off the ground with her hands when on her tummy. Instead she adopts what I think of as a dolphin pose with her arms by her sides raised towards her back. So we have to see a physio now, so as not to cause her problems later on with crawling, and using her hands generally.
It went well, but there are loads of exercises and postions and things we have to do and trying to remember them all is hard! I’ve scribbled them all down and pinned them to a cupboard in the kitchen in the hope we remember.

She’ll be 200 days old tomorrow which is fairly terrifying in itself, I know there seems to be another significant milestone every other week at this age, but each one amazes me! And makes me feel old…..
Anyway I guess while the girls are giving me some peace (which I’m sure is merely temporary) I should be listing more stuff for ebay or creating more things to sell, or maybe trying to find the kitchen under all the mess. But procrastinating is much more fun no?!

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stress factor ten

August 24, 2009 Leave a comment

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I’d been dreading this day, absolutely dreading it, today was ‘let;s remove the ventilator day!’ Aaaaaaaah!

Now I know that removal of the ventilator is actually a good thing, that it is a step in the right direction. But still wahhhh!! I was so terrified of them taking it out that if I could’ve said no I honestly think I would’ve done. Scary, scary stuff!! So yesterday they dropped her morphine dose and gave her a big load of caffeine, and by this morning for the first time teeny tiny was drug free! Well not including the antibiotics I suppose πŸ™‚ And by lunchtime she had graduated to pressure assisted CPAP , so I’ve finally been able to see her little mouth! And boy is my baby a grumpy wee madam! Bless her, I suppose I’d be rather grumpsome too, but all she did was scream the tiniest scream at me every couple of minutes, and then frown a lot, sleep a bit, scream again…..and so on. Nearly broke me the first time tho, cos well, how the hell do you comfort a crying baby attached to all the wires in her little box? Just wanted to pick her up and give her cuddles and can’t, and cos she’s been stressed so much I wasn’t sure whether I could even lay my hands on her. POor little thing! The nurses were really pleased that she was screaming though, after all she needs to be feisty to get through all this, she needs to have a lot of fight in her! And a good bit of lung exercise certainly wont do her any harm.

Of course there is every chance that within the next day or 2 she could get tired trying to do all the breathing herself and have to go back onto ventilation and morphine again; and they’ve promised they will phone so that we don’t have a shock when we come for our next visit. So I’m hovering by the landline praying it doesn’t ring, god help anyone else that calls here right now!

The rest of the world ticks onward. Hubby is back to work today after having to bring home a pile of invoices and other fun stuff to catch up last night 😦 And the new shiny car (did I mention the new shiny car?) already has quite a large fault! THe beloved Pug got part exchanged for an immense N-reg Audi A6 automatic, bless DH, he got an auto thinking I would prefer to drive it as it is easy and I’m terrified of driving. Not really taking into account that I don’t have any issue with the gear changing bit, it’s the dimensions of the car and all the other tw*ts on the road I’m scared of…and now we have a boat! The Audi is huuuugggggeeee! It’s like a bus, I have no clue how the hell I’;m ever going to park that beast! And we live in Cornwall, where many of the roads only *just* fit 2 cars down them……bless him he really tried, I konw he did and I don’t want to say anything mch about it cos there’s rather a lot of stress going on just now, but for me and driving….big car bad. Tho I suppose if I put green P plates on an Audi, which are normally driven by boy racers, every other car in Cornwall is going to give me a really wide berth, I’ll practically have the road to myself I imagine! Anyway, I digress….. a lot! The shiny car’s electrics only work when they feel like it, we discovered at 10pm at the hospital that the headlights didn’t want to go on at all, and using the old switch it off, get out and start again seemed to do the trick. But the next time we got in it, it did exactly the same thing with the indicators, the next time with the windscreen wipers….it’s really random. I think it’s just one circuit that works intermittently, which is why it got through the MOT ok (part of the deal with the garage is a years MOT) so while the stereo, brake lights and dash, etc always work certain other importatn things don’t. The indicators, windscreen wipers, fans and headlights as far as we know….bless my poor hubby he’s quite upset! He’;s loving having what is effectively the biggest bumper car in the world, ah automatics. In some ways I can’t wait til I’m allowed to drive to give it a wee shot πŸ™‚

So much more to say so little time as always. And tjis is probably epic enough for the time being, meant to be a journal not a novel Jo.

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*head desk*

April 24, 2007 6 comments

I had a really good proper Monday yesterday. Mucho stupidity exacerbated by preggy brain. It was all rather funny.

That is until I looked up and realised the next person in the queue was, in fact Christopher Eccleston.

I prayed that some change in fate would mean that someone else had to serve him and I could just stare and go “oh holy fuck Dr Who is in my library” but it was not to be. The poor man had to be served by me.

I quickly changed to a rather lovely shade of scarlet, and I babbled at him. I think I managed to tell him everything he needed to know about our internet system in enitrely the wrong order. He gave me the money to pay, only for me to find that there was no change in the till. Luckily for me, he is lovely! Very jolly and smiley, and more than happy to come back for his change after he’s finished on the internet. Well I spose it was quite clear I wasn’t going to forget who he was πŸ™‚

I wanted to ask for an autograph or something, but I figured I wouldn’t be able to string that amount of sentance together. So I’m just contenting myslef that I met Mr Eccleston and I didn’t say anything too embarrassing πŸ™‚

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another week down

April 21, 2007 5 comments

and finally I get my contract for work! Which seems a little pointless seeing as I will only be there for another, eeek, 5 weeks :S Especially seeing as the original contract was til the 31st of March. Ah well at least I got one.

I have spent the last half an hour talking to Jehovah’s Witnesses who turned up on my door. One of them was an old Polish chap who had been taken to a camp in Siberia by the Nazi’s in the 2nd World War and was one of those that escaped and walked to India. Absolutely fascinating. I felt it would be wrong to slam the door on a guy like that, amazing.

New game of Vampire starting up again 2morro, yay!! I’ve bought more dice on t’internet, got some red & white one’s from legend games they look just like those campino sweeties, yum πŸ˜€ As soon as I discover what has happened to our old characters I will let y’all know. There is much scheming from pooka_joe it’s rather worrying….

For any of you that care I’m now 22 weeks pregnant, officially well and truly over half way, getting wider by the day. I am now regularly being booted about, especially at about 4 in the morning when little one likes to be awake. But at least I’ll already be used to being at silly times when they arrive. Lately s/he has started kicking so hard my whole belly wobbles, it looks funny πŸ˜€

And somewhat sadly Betty the Van got broken into last night 😦 right outside our lounge window!!! (as in, if I open the window I can touch the back door of the van)
Not that there’s anything in there worth taking, as the kids soon discovered, even the tax is up in July so that aint really worth having either. Unless you have a penchant for recycling I spose….

Work is as can be expected. Management decided to clean out the workrooms without first asking the staff. Which made staff v.angry. Manager ended up going home in tears cos staff got shouty when manger started binning people’s work. But like I say, 5 weeks to go, I really don’t care πŸ™‚

wahey for bank holidays!

April 7, 2007 6 comments

They probably are the one redeeming feature of working for the council πŸ™‚ Without any planning from myself I have manged to get an entire week off just by the way my days off fell with the bank holiday days….if I’d only realised earlier I would’ve done SOMETHING. Quite what I don’t know πŸ˜›

On thursday it was Grannie Elsie’s funeral, it was very sweet and exactly what she would’ve wanted. Well she had chosen the vicar and it was the church she attended and played piano for, and she got buried beside her hubby who had died about 50 years ago. I don’t think she ever found anyone else who could meet her standards πŸ™‚ The graveyard is really pretty, don’t think there had been a burial there since at least the 60’s, the whole place is covered with wild yellow primroses. The wake was at the Coppice pub, which was right opposite the house she had lived in for 70 odd years (and also my home until I was 2, which made it weird cos there are bits of the building that are familiar in a half remebered, dream like way, mad)
And I had lots of folk molesting my bump, which is kinda ok when it’s family I spose….quite why other folk invade the personal space of highly hormonal women and wonder why they get growled at I don’t know.

Ooh I had to have words with my boss! I can’t remeber if I said here but the day after granny died I went into work, cried most of the way there (on a bus full of school kids too *rolls eyes*) arrived at work, cried at them, turned round and went home. Sometimes trying to keep busy is a stupid thing to do. Anyway, in my “back to work” interview she said she was going to put those 2 days off as a migraine. Which baffled me. I had to tell her to put it down as bereavement cos like that what happened *INSERT ME MAKING CHILDISH YOU’RE STUPID NOISES RIGHT ABOUT HERE* and then she told me I would have to take the funeral off as holiday. FFS holiday?? she could’ve at least phrased it better!!

It’s just more silly niggly things that piss me off, and well it doesn’t take much πŸ˜›

Anyway it’s beautiful weather so I’m going to head OUT (if I can find my sunscreen) I’m currently trying to convince pooka_joe that we need to go to the beach purely cos there are beaches, and that we then have to paddle. Just because. If I succeed I will post pics of any castles built, and if I don’t well I wont πŸ˜€

Hope everybody else is well and enjoying the lack of rain πŸ™‚

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