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Many new acronyms and a new sofa!

October 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Well a new sofa to us anyway! Out of our current three-piece suite two seats have utterly collapsed, beyond all rescuing with hidden cushions or bits of mdf. It is done. And while I am sort of laughing inside at the lottery of who gets the crap seats, as naturally they are the popular ones, we have had to get a new second hand sofa. Until then it will be like living in Takeshi’s Castle!

On a more serious note, this morning was my meeting with Violet’s SENCO at nursery. She showed me her ‘learning journey’ and their own notes, as well as explaining many of the acronyms, and me oh my there are tons of them!! In her opinion Violet is likely to get a statement as she needs one to one attention or else doesn’t understand what is going on, but she will need to be watched and assessed a few times before any decision will be made. In the meantime she has an Individual Learning Plan in place for nursery. It has set many balls in motion though, she has referred Violet onto the district SENCO, on the basis that the more professional involved the more likely we are to be able to help Violet through school. She also regularly works with the local Speech and Language Therapy team, including the same therapist that Violet was working with this time last year, so she will arrange for her to assess Violet at nursery. She’s also going to as if we can have a Makaton sign pocket book from them, which would be really helpful!

So from two initial meetings the same people at the top of the tree are going to be contacted, hopefully it’ll all converge in a nice helpful manner with a nice simple statement for Violet all done and dusted and ready for school. I suspect it wont be nearly that simple, but at least I know who to nag now!

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