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February 2, 2006 Leave a comment

So as most of you probably know, we have had mice. It has not been fun. They are in our kitchen and have been for 2 days, so I have been camping out at Pooka_joe‘s cos he is a star 🙂

Of course this has caused a spate of mouse jokes at work and I got this email from one of the other playworkers : I see a mouse!….Where?…There on the stairs…where on the stairs…there a little mouse with clogs on….. are you on the roof yet? bastards :~)

So this morning Pickwick and I set up camp in the hall (there is less stuff in the hall, so if they have escaped the kitchen they would be easier to spot…and being close to the front door and only human size escape route is good.) waiting for the pest control man to come, which he did, this morning and he has put down lots of poison, pointed at holes we should block up when the mice are gone and will be back next week to see how we’re getting on.

I never expected tiny mice would turn me into such a girlie girl, but there we go. They just didn’t seem to be scared, at all, I find that disconcerting. And isnt it amazing how many varied noises that a centrally heated flat can make all on its own? and right now they all sound like mice.

In other news; a while ago I may well have mentioned that our automatic front doors at work were stuck open, well they got fixed on Friday! On Saturday a parent managed to walk into the edge of it as it opened, cut her eyelid open and has informed us that she will be trying for compensation for the trauma this caused to her and her kids. Well if the silly cow had looked where she was going and hadn’t squeezed round the edge of the barrier… ffs.

Dad has continued to hassle me. And I’m still trying to convince myself that smoking is NOT going to help me feel any better. Its nearly working :~S

So, right now I have System of a Down on loud so the little noises don’t bother me and I am currently downloading more firefox extensions cos like, that helps everything.

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January 24, 2006 Leave a comment


I’m doing better at the not smoking, I’m back on the gum with a vengance and I got a tip from a cute irish sales man yesterday which seems to be working nicely – I have an elastic band round my wrist, every time I feel a real proper craving I snap the band. Aversion therapy, apparently, well I’ll give anything a shot :0)

So, yeah, yesterday I accidentally changed the phone company; again a case of I will do most things cute irish men that I’m never going to see again tell me too. And lets face it the only reason we have a phone line is to receive broadband, so I really don’t care who is providing the phone line.

Other exciting things have happened, I have possibly been busier this week than when I work, but its busier doing thingd for me, which is infinitely preferable ;0) I had an appointment at the bank on monday to see a mortgage adviser, (as I’ve had a bee in my bonnet about renting from landlords I’ve never met and not having my window fixed for a whole year, etc)I didn’t think I would have a chance in hell of getting one as my student overdraft ended up being sent to the debt collectors and I onnly finished paying that off in August, but I can!! They have given me a mortgage promise for up to £57,000/95%. Check me out, getting grown up!! The proviso is that I need to keep my job, I need to have been working in the same place for 6 months, which is still looking a bit ropey, making the whole mortgage thing a little academic…. but now I know I’m allowed one at least!!!

On the work front I have heard sweet f.a. and I’m back in tomorrow, I’m thinking the longer they take, the more money I earn from them. This is good. I’m kinda thinking that if they had really good news somebody would have got in touch, so I’m expecting that they stil have no idea. How do these people end up in management posts when they can’t decide what to do with staff?? The mind boggles. I have about 5 application forms for jobs that I don’t really care about, that I should really be doing…but well this is much more fun.

Apart from all that pooka_joe was over last night, and to day I had another driving lesson, my driving instructor was taking the piss out of me for not having done anything about my thoery yet (I’ve been learning for a year this week, but, in my defence I don’t get any practice, nobody trusts me :P) He says I’m going to be the best driver in Britain that still doesn’t have a license. I feel smug. Then, driving the road from Glasgow to Lenzie, he was telling me how he had seen someone take the corner too fast and end up in the field…and I promptly very, very nearly did the same thing. Yay for dual control!! I will learn that many chevrons indicate that second gear is a really good idea.

I’m being crap

January 21, 2006 2 comments

Dear god I am being so crap with this whole giving up smoking thing and I was doing so well. It’s really annoying, but I seem to have lost most of my self control with it, like well I’ve had one another won’t hurt. I can go all day without one, its not a case of need again, well, yet anyway. I had a couple when me the hairy drummer split up and managed to stop again and then this whole job thing…..

I guess when I gave up originally the hairy boy had just too, and he was quite supportive in his own strange way, it’s a lot easier to take the lectures on why you shouldn’t smoke from somebody that has just given up themselves, they understand and they have tips too! Suppose I will just have to learn some willpower, what a nightmare. But I don’t want to smell like an ash tray and I want to retain my sense of taste… I had forgotten how good strawberry tea was and I’m in danger of it tasting like odd red water again. Shitebags.

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and where is my snow?

November 28, 2005 3 comments

The computer told me last night that it was going to snow over night and it hasn’t. Bastards. It also claims that it will snow later, if it continues to lie I’m giong to find out who does it and kick their sorry ass for giving me hope that the weather will do something interesting.

I am mainly offended because, coming from Cornwall we very,very rarely got snow, I now live in Scotland where it should snow regularly cos its bloddy cold enough!!! But oh no, we have the cold and the ice and the wind that cuts you in two and its been bloddy snowing in Cornwall hasn’t it.

I have PMT the world sucks I want a fag and I just know thats not going to help anything. Been 1 week, 2 days, 18 hours, I have not smoked 195 cigarettes. Or so my ticker tells me. 😀

I’m going to do more internet xmas shopping, spending money will make it all better.

nicotine gum addiction

November 26, 2005 1 comment

WEll not done this in a while. Am still not smoking, it has been just over a week and I have a ticky thingy on my lj homepage which tells me how much money I have saved. Or well would’ve saved if I smoked proper cigarettes and not roll ups, but I’m thinking the less I go to the shop, the less random shite I buy, so maybe its about right??

Anyway, the lack of poison has made the week fairly entertaining, I realise that I crave fags at really strange times, like there are certain ciggys you have at certain times ie: somebody has just arrived, make tea, sit down, have fag…aaaah crisis!! No more bus summoning cigarettes, but how will I get the 51 to turn up within 20 minutes of when it should???

Next problem, how do I get over the nicotine gum addiction?? Just because its not as bad for me doesn’t actually make it better. The main problem is that I have changed brands, the gum I had last week was revolting so I only chewed it when I had to, the rest of the time you kinda park it behind your teeth. This new gum actually tastes minty and nice, so I keep forgetting to stop chewing it and am spending a large part of the day high as a kite jabbering utter nonsense at anybody who will listen. But at least I’m returning to something resembling sanity, and just in time for the next bout of PMT. Pickwick I’m really sorry, if you go on holiday in protest I will understand, well eventually ;0)