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less sleep = less time

which is not how it’s supposed to work I’m sure!

Ivy has never been a great sleeper, even aside normal newborn baby antics she had reflux so bad she would often only sleep upright, but over the last couple of months she has decided that 5am is getting up time.  Regardless of what time she went to bed or whether she got up during the night at all.

I had initially thought that this could provide me with some golden mummy time, a little peace in the morning before everybody else gets up and the phone starts going. A little time to quietly surf the internet, maybe meditate or do some yoga, or catch up with some sewing, all while Ivy plays on the floor. But unfortunately I’m just too tired to concentrate on much more than checking facebook most mornings, and then the rest of the day is spent in a knackered haze of forgetting what I was intending to do.

I just don’t understand how I can be awake for so much of the day and yet still not have the time to do most of the things I want to do. No that’s not true, I’m not getting things done because I’m tired, because I’m up late in the evening and too early in the mornings with no let up all day. Simply I need to convince Ivy that 5am is not a good time to get up.

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Do I do anything but rant really?

October 7, 2009 Leave a comment

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Hahaha! Well my hubby may be right all I do is rant, so please ladies excuse yet another rant taking up space on the right of your page! I rant in this journal too much I konw, but well, Violet doesn’t listen she just gets me to pretend to drink from her tea set, bless!!!

Anyway, Martin and Violet are ill again. As if I don’t spend enough of my time paranoid about getting poorly, now I’m living in a housefull of it! They have colds this time, and while I keep having paranoid flashes that my throat os sore or my nose is running I am actually fine so far. Drinkings lots of OJ and water and telling myself that I simply cannot get this frigging cold!

I am so mightily p*ssed off about it! My bro and family popped in to see us on their way back from holiday, see we’d given them the hol as a wedding present. We’d originally booked it for ourselves back before I knew I was pregnant and had been told by the midwife we’d not be able to go. They’d been skint when we got married in March and so had decided to buy us a week at the same place this time next year as a belated wedding gift, and they wanted to surprise us with the details. Bless them how sweet is that!!! So it may seem awfully surprising and ungrateful to start this with I’m so p*ssed off BUT…..their little girl had been as they put it ‘husky’ most of the week and they thought perhaps she may be coming down with a cold. And lo and behold here we all are 5 days later V and DH sniffling, coughing and snotting everywhere and so are they!

Yeah colds happen, I know we can’t lock ourselves away for the next year. BUT Why don’t they understand, even after Ivy’s last infection and how I ranted about it, that what is ‘just a cold’ for most folk, is a nightmare for us as we’re all stressed, not sleeping or eating properly and means we can’t visit are much poorlier little chick?!? And that most importantly it could be utterly catastrophic if we accidentally did take it into the hospital!!!! Why don’t they get it? Why when I rant about people coming round when they’re poorly does everyone think I’m talking about everyone apart from them? It’s not like they tell me on the door either, no. they wait until they’ve been here for half an hour playing with Violet and all her toys, “oh we think ..x… has got a sore throat” I’m fucking sick of being told that they’re sorry. It’s really driving me bonkers! I really feel like I’m banging my head on a brick wall. Surely to F-ing god this isnt unreasonable of me to ask people to not bring their ill kids to my house?I mean this was why we stopped Violet being babysat, after the nits and the hideous tummy bug in a fortnight it just seemed more trouble than it was worth. I really don’t get why my family thought it would be better to still take V and look after her when they’re poorly and send her ill back to my house? I know they’re trying to help and I don’t want to be awfully ungrateful, I konw they are trying. But really in what exact way is that any help to me at all!? Why can’t anybody just offer to do my sodding hoovering that would’#ve been much more helpful!

And cos V is still ill I’ve had to pull out of her speech therapy tomorrow too, I don’t want her either passing it round everyone else, that doesn’t seem fair! And I don’t want her picking up something else while her immune system is low.

Just hope everyone else feels better soon and that I don’t catch it! I’m only able to visit Ivy for half an hour a day at the moment while M and V wait in the car, and then I’m tooscared to hold her just in case I’ve brought the vile bug in. It just fucking sucks. Stoopid people.

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Jojo stuck at home and sulking

September 10, 2009 Leave a comment

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Sulking muchly!

When Violet was ill at the beginning of the week we thought it was something she ate, especially cos it came on suddenly. Seems we were wrong, both me and hubby spent yesterday sleeping in shifts, to watch Violet, feeling like death warmed up; or totally overheated in my case. I have not felt that bad since recovering from alcohol posioning when I was 17, just grateful it passed quickly! All back to vague tired normality today thankfully! Nits last week, bugs this week, I’m beginning to think getting Violet babysat is more trouble than it’s worth.

So obviously we didn’t go to the hospital yesterday, and we can’t go now for at least another 48 hours til we know the bug has cleared from everybody; so at best saturday night, but more likely Sunday 😦 Poor little Ivy wont have any visitors til Sunday!!!

Ivy’s being kept busy though, she has her eye test today; apparently some very prem babies eyes don’t develop properly, the retinas don’t attach, so they’re checking hers in an hour. Yesterday she had another x-ray on her tummy, she’s still not pooing without suppositries (lovely!) so they had to check that there’s no blockages or swollen bits. The Barium that they put up to get the xray done seems to have solved the problem entirely, I’m glad I missed that nappy, especially in the state we were in! And on monday she’s having a hida scan, as she has prolonged conjugated jaundice. So they’re giving her phenobarbitol from yesterday, apparently this will make all the bilirubin stuff gather in her gall bladder, or maybe her liver, and then when they put the dye in and take all the pics on monday they’ll be able to see whether everything is draining through the gall bladder and liver as it should do. It wasn’t til I got home that I realised phenobarbitol is a sedative (duh) so she probably wont notice that we’re not there at least…..poor tiny one.

Oh and when I saw her last she was having 1 mil of milk an hour; today she’s up to 3 and a half mils an hour!

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Updated 11/09/2009

Aw thanks for all your hugs ladies! We’re all much better and have been yesterday so fingers and toes crossed we’ll get to go and visit tomorrow!

Ivy is doing superbly on her milk, when I rang in the evening for an update she’d gone up to 4.5mil an hour, if she continues to tolerate that then her long line will come out as she wont need the I.V. nutrition (TPN)!!! She’s managed to drop that to a mil an hour from 4.6 which is awesome! I believe she’s off the lipid already too. It’d be really lovely to see her without a line in each arm/leg, and the long line looks particularly uncomfy cos it goes in the top of her arm poor little chick!

She’s back to doing well with her breathing, we think she took exception to being moved as she had a couple of days of desats and braddies which are just hideous to see, and had to have a whole day on cpap. Back up to 2 hours on 4 hours off at the moment!

Hope yuo lovely ladies are all well xxx

Jo x

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Jo fail!

August 22, 2009 Leave a comment

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I am failing again, obviously preggy brain hasn’t quite worn off yet…..I am being a total spacker today!I am having my postnatal checks on the postnatal ward in the hostpial rather than hanging about at home waiting for the midwife, when I’m going to be up there anyway! So today they wanted a wee sample as I suspect I have an infection and for the first time I wasn’t able to pee on demand. Bit of a shock after being pregnant for all those months! So I gave it a minute or 2, ran the tap and managed to go….only to catch the silly small bloody bottle on the edge of the loo and tip it all down the pan! Fail! Doh!

So I get given a bottle to bring home, take it in on my visit tonight, only to have forgotten my notes so they couldn’t even accept the sample on the ward. Double Doh! Spacktacular!

Ivy was good today mainly; they’re lowering her dose of morphine starting to wean her off it so that they can take her off her ventilator! And I know I should be delighted that she’s coming off the beast, but actually it’s terrifying!!! While I know very well there’s lots of monitors and a really good staff ratio, and I know the staff really well from Violet….but still scary!!!! And then I konw she’ll only be going onto CPAP not breathing on her own totally for a little while yet. She’s doing so well I’m really proud!

Really didn’t think she’d make it to a week this time last week, amazing stuff! Apparently she’d have been abe to come off her ventialtor a couple of days ago, but she’s carrying so much water that they think the pressure of it all in her belly would force her diaphragm up and make breathing really difficult for her! She’s having another platelet transfusion tonight, she still has problems clotting but she seems to mainly be doing fine.

Anyway I was going to type much more, just want to get it all outta me brain so I can get some sleep, but the in-laws and my hubby are really into football and Match of the Day is on and they’re getting really loud, enthusiastic and grumpy with each other. I’ve had to threaten to bang all their heads togther once already. Just never fail to be amazed at how deluded people can be about the team that they like! All rational thougt and arguement goes out the window huh??

Hope I have a better night than last night anyway. Bless my poor hubby! Violet woke up at some hideous time and I didn’t really wake up properly at all and ended up going to find my hubby to ask where Ivy was cos I was all worried that I couldn’t find her. He said that was fairly horrible. Must try and get some more sleep somewhere in the day. Not enough hours.

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1st night down

August 21, 2009 Leave a comment

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Survived my first night in the house, and I only phoned the hospital twice through the night, which I though was very fairness I was going to phone again but then I realised they were doing their handover and I’ll be back up there in just over an hour too.At least I can be busy at home, doing things on here and playing with Violet and stuff.

I am knackered though, Somehow getting up in the night from my own bed to do all the expressing was harder work than it was in hospital, and then having to tip toe past my sleeping in-laws to get to the steriliser! Found it really hard to get comfy in bed, we’ve got a foam mattress and found it killed my hips after a couple of hours, I just don’t have the tummy muscles to be able to roll over, especially not in my sleep!

The mission for today is to find a new car, our pug has been gradually giving up over the last couple of weeks, the water pump had broken completely the day before I got taken into hospital so it sounded like a hairdryer. We took it to the garage to get it bodged enough to do all the hostpial runs only to find that it was goint to cost £450! To get to the water pump they also have to replace the cam belt which is expensive and takles a load of work 😦 And then we know that there is also an oil leak, a bad leak in the roof, and probablky oodles of other things wrong with the old girl too. So we say goodbye to PollyPug today and I am sad. While I drive as little as possible for it terrifies me, she was my first car and I loved her very much! 😦

We’re also eagerly awaiting a reply from our landlady, after totally ignoring us for three whole years; after ignoring our requests to get things fixed; she chose monday to hand deliver a letter saying that our rent was going up in October and having a bit of a go about the state of the grass down the side of the house. In fairness it was knee high and mainly made up of meadow flowers and grasses rather than just lawn. But still. She lives down the road, has she not noticed the rainfall oer the last month or so? Every time we’ve had the time to mow it, it’s been peeing it down! Still, the in-laws have harvested the meadow and it again appears like a normal lawn. Now I know she is entitled to put the rent up, of course, she’s not put it up at all until now! But she knew I was pregnant and due in October and I can’t help buit think that she’s chosen that point to raise it by £50 cos she knows the last thing we’ll want to do with a new baby or heavily pregnant is be moving house. So we’ll be trapped here with little option but to pay her more money…. She obviously does not know how stubborn we are! Both me and my hubby would much rather make our own lives hideously difficult to prove a point like that. So on top of everything else that’s going on at the moment, on top of Martin’s redundancy and now new job last month now we’re going to be moving house too.

Christmas seems like an awful long way away right now! But at least we’ll not be bored.Sorry for the immense epic journal, I can’t talk to anyone with my in laws here I can’t just cal;l a mate and have a good gossip, so I will godssip here haha!

Anyway off to see my Ivy, see how she’s doing today, dinky little cherub that she is 🙂

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anyone else have a quiet baby?

August 13, 2009 Leave a comment

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Posted 13/8/09

Ah insomnia! How I hate half 5 in the morning! Suppose I should get used to it tho

Hope everyone else is well, and ideally not awake yet too! Just wondering really whether anybody else out there has a quiet baby? I’ve spent the last week or so (probly longer!) fretting and worrying cos baba has got all quiet only for my midwife to be totally unconcerned. She rhymed off a load of reasons of why it could be without actually making me feel any better about it, like baby facing the wrong way and comfy/running out of room/having a growth spurt. I am still getting 10 movements a day, but there are much more pushes and stretches and little scratchy feelings with the occasional poke here and there sort of round the edges of my bump. I miss the belly wobbling kicks I thought by 29 weeks I’d be being assaulted from inside!

I did have a section last time and still can’t feel a wide strip across the outside of my belly, would that make a difference on the inside too?

Think I may just go and buy a doppler, hanging around waiting for baby to kick is starting to do my head in!

Jo x

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reduction in movement, help! Anyone up?

August 6, 2009 Leave a comment

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Posted 6/8/09

MOrning ladies,

Trying not to get myself all in a tiz, but teeny bump has been really quiet over the last 24 hours, I have still had movements but not many, all really down low and if I wasn’t anxiously waiting for each one I probably wouldn’t notice them at all 😦 She’s been getting gradually quieter over the last week, but only in the strength of movement rather than the amount. She normally starts booting me at about 9pm, I got nothing last night, no matter how much ice cold water or prodding I drank, didn’t feel a thing til after 11pm. I have had movements this morning,. but like I say really feathery nudges down low, a bit like going back to the beginnings of movement all over again. Sorry I ramble, I’ve not slept well.

I do already have my 28 week check at half 9 this morning, but even that seems way off just now! Any advice? Anything else I can do to get the baby to wake up and boot back?

Hope everyone else is well anyway xxx

Jo x

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Updated 6/08/2009

Thanks everyone! I am home from the midwife, she seems quite happy, baby has grown and is bang on for dates and her heartbeat is fine. Apparently baba was just hiding from me yesterday 😦

I thought I’d come out of the appointment all relieved and happy, and don’t get me wrong I am delighted to have heard the heartbeat and to know that all is actually fine! but I dunno I guess I’d have liked some kind of explanation further than ‘I’m not concerned’ – like if she could’ve felt that the baby was turned with her back facing out, or whether it was a growth spurt, or just made something up to make me feel better. I still feel a bit lost at sea with the whole thing, thank god for yuo ladies!

And because I had got my knickers in a knot about movement I forgot to ask about Strep B testing, or get my Hip grant form signed, or ask any of the other questions I had meant to ask. Oh well I have another appointment in 3 weeks time, will have to try and remember and not have more drama between now and then!

Right I’m off to try the chocolate tip, see if I can get this baba bouncing! She seems oblivious to my prods and pokes, and well any excuse for chocolate!!!

Jo x

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