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would anyone be surprised if I said we’re *still* here?

October 19, 2009 Leave a comment

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we are. we have not moved anywhere at all yet. 12 days of being packed and ready to drop everything and go. Suppose I can’t really get much sympathy from a load of pregnant women approaching their due dates though haha!!! Well at least one aspect of the last bit of my pregnancy I’m still getting to experience, fabulous.I did ask the nurses what happens next, what happens if a cot doesn’t become available but they were suitably vague, said they’d just keep phoning every day. I’m trying not to worry about it, they seem confident that a cot will appear, but I’m starting to doubt it a little. One must come available at some point I suppose, bah. Trying not to worry about how the wait will affect Ivy, they don’t want to start feeds until her belly has been sorted really, and my poor little chick seems so hungry. Bless her poor poppet! But with each passing day that she’s not being treated, her going home date is going back, yeah I know we don’t have a ‘going home’ date as such, but it’s still going to delay things. So much for aiming for her due date, it seems really unlikely we’ll be home by the 28th its less than 10 days! Boo.

Ivy is still in ICU, though she has ditched her antibiotics now! Hooray! infection 2 cleared, well done poppet! Not really much to say further than that.

Just this interminable bloody waiting! Starting to send me bonkers I think.

Updated 19/10/2009

Aw bless you Karen!!!

Yeah I must admit to being a teency bit jealous of all those lovely ladies getting to take their babies home when 9 and a half weeks in I still have to ask permission to get a cuddle and don’t get to every day 馃槮 Aaah our times will come!!! Waiting sucks!

Jo x

Updated 19/10/2009

So much waiting with these babies!!! Hope the next couple of weeks goes quickly for you Antonella!

Until the babies and the cuddles come, chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate!! No point dieting before Xmas after all!! 馃檪

Jo x

Updated 21 hours ago

Heard today they’re going to start giving Ivy 0.5mil of milk every 6 hours; more of a tease than food really, bless her! But it’s a start at least 馃檪

Antonella, there are crisps if you prefer! 馃槈 hee!

Jo, you’re right it is a long time, haven’t been able to do a proper shop for a fortnight just in case – amazing how buying little bits to last a couple of days costs so much more! I was thinking of just going to Bristol and plonking my big, fat, post pregnancy bottom down the moment anyone moves an inch to bagsy the space for Ivy. But I know that really all the cots are being taken by babies with more urgent problems and I’d feel awful for them if I did that! So indeed fingers crossed for a quick recovery for some gorgeous little mite to go home with their mum!!! 馃榾

Hope you’re all well lovelies xxxx

Jo x


steps forward, steps back

September 15, 2009 Leave a comment

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So while we had been awway from the hospital Ivy had done really well with her feeding, gradually making it up to 5 and a half mils of milk an hour and cycling 2 hours on CPAP 4 hours breathing by herself. She was doing so well that when we saw her on Saturday she had had all of her lines out as she was fully milk fed!

Yesterday (Monday) Ivy was supposed to go for her Hida test to check her gall bladder function, seems Ivy had other ideas though.First thing in the morning her tummy gets all blown up again, so distended the skin was shiny like it was for about a week after she was born. This swelling pushes up onto her lungs too making it much harder for her to breathe, so when they come to pop her in the travel incubator for the big journey across the hospital she had a big desat & brady episode. So in the end they decided to leave her on the unit and reschedule for when she;s more stable. And while they were waiting for her to become more stable she had to return back into the intensive care unit for more careful monitoring. Back onto Nil-By-Mouth and drip feeding. Back off the King’s regime thingy. Back out of the clothes she’d only just made it into. And back beside the family that take up all the space. 馃槮

I managed to spend most of the afternoon with her today and was there when the doctors decided that she can gradually start having milk again which was much more positive, but nobody knows for sure why her belly keeps blowing up. Her x-rays and barium scan pics have been studied by the surgical team at Bristol Children’s hospital (it was them that decided she could eat again) and they’re happy there’s no obstruction and doesn’t need surgery, but it seems she still has quite a bit of meconium stuck up there, despite many stinky nappies now. They don’t know whether her jaundice is linked to the belly blowing up problem, that maybe if she starts having milk all the time and it all gets to function properly it could all resolve itself. But they have to firstly check that it isn’t any one of a number of other things, she’s on 3 lots of anitbiotics even though her blood tests have come back clean for infection. I guess I’m glad they’re being cautious to be on the safe side.

Just feel really bleh and numb about the whole thing, I’m trying to be jollier about it, now she’s more settled and stable again, but don’t seem able to properly pick myself back up. I dreamt she had died and no one was listening to me which was a bit harsh, can’t seem to quite shake that feeling now. Just really bloody tired.Anyway the lovely tesco man brings my shopping hurrah!

Hope you lovely ladies are having better days than me xxxx

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anyone else packed and ready?

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Posted 1/8/09

My hospital bag is now officially packed and ready to go, and Violet’s stuff is all at the bottom of the stairs ready if she has to be shipped off at short notice too.

I know that sounds really over eager, but I’m 27+4 now and I went in at 32 weeks last time and I’ve been in day assesment twice in the last fortnight with niggles, once overnight! Such things focus the mind a bit!tho with my total lack of brain right now I’m sure I’ve forgotten some rather vital things, more than likely!

So anyone else packed??

Jo x

Updated 1/08/2009

I’m only this organised cos I had nothing at all when I was taken into hospital last time. Didn’t even have my phone or change to call someone and ask for stuff! I dread it happening again!

lists are good!! I could’ve made my life a lot easier by starting from a list, I’ve been really haphazard about it! I may go find a list and then check stuff off it…..Sure I probably wont need the bag for so long this time I’ll have forgotten whats in it anyway!

Jo x

Updated 1/08/2009

Now see after last time I’d kinda recommend letting your hubby go and get stuff from Mothercare 馃檪 my DH got sent last time and he had no clue what to buy he just got the most expensive (Lansinoh) breast pads and nipple cream, which were lovely! and spent much more on babyclothes than I would’ve done cos he was so scared of getting it wrong! Dear of him! Think he liked doing the dad thing too; I may have to ‘forget’ some bits again

Jo x

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anyone else really, really grumpy?


Posted 6/7/09

I have turned into such a moody moo lately! YOu know stamping up and down stairs like a teenager and slamming doors grumpy…..we had to leave Tesco after having only done half the shopping yesterday cos the other shoppers were doing my head in, and my DD was being a right moany pain too. When some tuss with a trolley ran into my anmkles with no apology and I just stopped, closed my eyes and started counting to 10, my hubby decided it was time to leave. Ah well, it’s normally him that’s the grumpy one at least now he knows how I normally feel apologising in his wake when we shop!

Tesco Direct for the next year I think! Has anyone else turned into a grump lately? 馃榾

Jo x

Updated 6/07/2009

Oh ladies I’m so glad I’m not alone!! Especially glad to hear it’s not just me with trolley rage!

You should’ve seen the state of me trying to get my sewing machine to fill a bobbin for the first time ever yesterday….why are instruction manuals always so useless? I ended up having to look it up on youtube…

And after the rage comes the weeping. oh being pregnant is so much fun! I though 2nd trimester was meant to bring happier hormones and more energy?? 馃檪

Hope yuo’re all well apart from the rage! xxx

Jo x

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Dearie me where did that week go???

December 11, 2006 3 comments

Well most of the week has been spent playing Final Fantasy 8, which we have now completed, so for the first time I have seen the ending of a final fantasy game!!! And seeing as this is the 4th time I’ve played or watched FF , that quite something.

I have managed to do most of my Christmas shopping this week, I haven’t posted anything and will probably wait til I see folk, but at least I have stuff now!

Also this week I visited my great gran in her nursing home at Poldhu, it’s absolutely beautiful there, so I’ve found a pic on t’internet and stuck it at the bottom. The lounge in that place has the best view I have ever seen, when I am old I wanna go there! The home used to be a hotel and it’s from Poldhu, The Lizard that Marconi transmitted the first trans-atlantic radio-signal.

And I’ve finally managed to get a job interview!! It’s working in Truro Library, which would be an awesome job! But not til Friday afternoon, so I have a while to prepare!

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removal experts us :)

November 21, 2006 Leave a comment

Today has been weird, in a good way, but still weird.

We moved stuff from Sara’s old house to her new place. It was odd letting ourselves in and then taking stuff away when there wasn’t anyone there, and weird to see somewhere that I briefly thought of as home looking like it had been burgled.

Today we bought some rather lovely red wine 馃檪 a teapot, teapot standand pots to put tea, coffee & sugar in. It’s starting to get proper homey 馃檪 Much cooking has been happening now we have the big posh pan thing.

Inspired by BBC’s Something For The Weekend, which is actually quite cool, we had Huevos Rancheros last night which was bloody lovely!! If you like salsa and slightly spicy eggs then I recommend it, recipe can be found here

Anyway I’m off, gonna try and get all the things I was planning to do tomrrow sorted tonight cos, not only have I been roped in to help paint Sara’s new house, she’s now informed me she will be picking me up at 9. Which for a lazy bum like me is unnecessarily early. Lets just hope she doesn’t want me to be awake as well.

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waaaah 2006

January 1, 2006 4 comments

Happy New Year to everybody!!!! I’ve got my fingers crossed that this year is not going to race to 2007 at the same breakneck speed that last year did! Well I can hope ;0)

Had a lovely week, of course Christmas was lovely, had lots of people here and watched Dr Who and played Buzz on Pooka_joe‘s PS2 and Worms which is always good for a bit of sadistic fun, although you shouldn’t be allowed to name your worms after characters that we play in Vampire, cos that means sometimes to have to kill yourslef, which is just wrong. 馃榾

Was back at work on Tues, though I use the term work very loosely…Tuesday we got sent home early cos the boilers wouldn’t fire meaning it was bloody freezing, wednesday we found out this was cos the heating had been turned off when the nice heating man came and fixed it, but this meant we were in the building for the whole shift 馃槮 Thursday I got to leave 2 hours early cos my senior was being lovely, friday I only did a half day cos, out of the 4 staff due in 2 of us turned up and he had flu and was just too ill to work and I’m not allowed to keep the building open on my own, and the saturday half day I was meant to do became 1 hour in which I had to go into work, check everything was ok and set all the alarms etc ready for being shut til Tuesday. This was again because I seem to be the only member of staff not on deaths door currently, or so they are all claiming anyway ;0) And we had a maximum of 8 kids in the building at any point this week, what a skive, if only it was always like that….or maybe not, that would be dreadfully dull.

And yesterday I went shopping with Pickwick, in that we went to town together and bumped into each other a lot and did much communication by text, but I am crap at shopping with other people, I wander off far too much (sorry Pickwick) but I bought some desperately needed clothes, I was in danger of wearing out the one skirt and two pairs of trousers that I was wearing constantly (not all at once) and it was much fun.

With the exception of LJ I seem to have spoken to just about every person I have ever been friends with in the last 10 days, which is absolutely wonderful. And it snowed!!! And I have drank far too juch Baileys this week, especially considering I don’t/didn’t drink ;0)

Today I went walking round Bellahouston park with Pooka_joe which was very chilled out and cool. And everything else is great.

Hope your all having a fab new year and that it continues to be wonderful ;0)