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TV sucks, let’s listen to some tunes!

October 18, 2010 Leave a comment

It always makes the day better doesn’t it? I used to have music on all the time, before children and I must admit I do dislike the tv quite intensely. Don’t get me wrong there are many programs that I really enjoy watching, and cbeebies/milkshake have helped me maintain a level of sanity over the last 3 years, but I miss listening to music. I love with music that you can listen, appreciate, even join in with it and still read, study, or converse.

Perhaps it’s because I grew up in a house with many people and rarely if ever got a say in what got put on the tv, or perhaps its the time I spent since then in bedsits with no tv at all, but many a day I wish we didn’t have one now. I feel it sucks all the motivation out of the room, so often left in the corner yabbering away to itself with its constant stream of depressing news.

How many times have we all lost an hour watching a program we don’t even like? How many things do we feel we never have the time to do? How many phone calls, games,and hobbies slide by the wayside because the tv is on? I appreciate how hard it is not putting the box on. It’s hard to think of things to do, to keep everyone entertained when they’ve been used to the tv doing it for them.

It’s worth it for days like today. The girls have been much better behaved, perhaps they feel like they’re not competing for our attention with the big black box in the corner? They’ve played so much more nicely with their toys, and with each other, they’ve enjoyed the singing and the dancing about. Us grown ups too, the tunes coming on you haven’t heard for years and the memories that they bring, how often does the tv make you feel like that?

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friends I wont see again *rant alert*

September 22, 2010 Leave a comment

oh how things change, things we never intended to change, but change they have.

One friend who I love very much is dying in hospital. She’s an inspiration. At just 28 she has known for most of her life that it would be short, and that she wouldn’t be able to do many of the normal things we take for granted, like having kids or driving or having a career. She has cystic fybrosis. She has lived more in her 28 years than many do in 70, travelling, performing, studying.  She was recently placed on the lung donor list, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen in time for her. It’s terribly, horribly unfair.

On the other hand there’s an old friend who I left behind in Scotland. With his own flat, decent job, car and supportive family and friends, he seemed like he had it all. But for whatever reason he seems determined not to let it be so. He seems to thrive off of people’s sympathy, posting journals and facebook statuses aimed at making people ask if he is ok. He posted about how he was up at 7, which I joked was a lie in for us (Ivy likes 5am, no matter what I try to dissuade her) to which I got a snitty reply about how he’s having trouble sleeping. I feel for him, insomnia is horrid, but after nearly 10 years of doling out sympathy to someone who refuses to seek decent medical help, I refuse to offer more.  I appreciate too that he has got himself into a horrid situation, having lost his job through illness, and then the domino effect of losing his flat and car, these are terrible things. On the other hand he has hated his job since I met him in 2002, but he always refused to look for alternate employment or retrain. He seemed to enjoy hating it, thriving off the sympathy and shared ranting it brought.

It is wholly annoying to have a ‘friend’ so desperately begging for sympathy and attention, I wonder whether actually they actively exacerbate their mental problems in order to gain more attention rather than address the issue in a healthy way. Either way I am tired of it. Over the last few years I have put myself out there for this friend, as much as I can living 500 miles away and with children, and so often he has avoided meetings, and ignored phone calls. We visit at least once a year and arranged to meet him each and every time, and with each visit he finds a reason not to. This last visit he simply refused to answer our calls, texts and emails. And here he is not 3 months later back begging sympathy.

And perhaps normally I’d not be so harsh on him, it’s not his fault other people suffer more. It simply seem so terribly unfair that someone with a world of opportunity at their fingertips, chances to retrain, to work, to live, is feeling so self piteous and merely treading water,not living at all; when there are others who have all of those choices stolen away from them so young who ask no sympathy at all.

I guess it merely highlights how bloody unfair it is.

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neighbours suck

July 3, 2010 1 comment

oh for a detached house. Or at least not to be living next to teenagers, yes they may also be parents, yes they may also hold down jobs, but these things do not stop them being a complete pain in the arse.

We live in a cul-de-sac of mainly rented houses, in fact many of them appear to be owned by our landlady, our house in particular is semi-detached. We are on our 10th set of neighbours since we moved in 3 1/2 years ago.  Most of them have been lovely, like us young families trying to make ends meet. Many have moved to bigger places, or back in with their extended families due to lack of cash, some have split and gone their separate ways. Most have been friendly and chatty, even the drug dealers were quite nice.

This couple are a nightmare. Within the fortnight they moved in they rowed badly in the evening, and went out. We thought that’d be the end of it, but unfortunately not. We were woken by incessant banging at 3am, thought perhaps someone was trying to get into our house, but it was them. I had come racing down the stairs and fallen breaking the bannister as I fell. We knocked the wall and then the rowing resumed, screaming and shouting. In the end we phoned the police when the girl started screaming ‘get off me, get off me’ By this point it was nearly 5 and both my kids had been woken by it. We had to phone our landlord, to fix the bannister, and of course the story of how it came to be broken was complaint enough.

Since then they have never spoken to us, they have turned away when we’ve said hello over the back garden wall. They’ve crossed the street rather than have to cross our paths. And once a fortnight they party, once a fortnight at7 the boom boom boom of the bad dance music begins, the girls all go out in skirts that barely deserve the name and the boys go into the street playing football. This evening they hit our door so loud I went out, it sounded like someone had run into it, it was the first time any of them have ever spoken to me.  At least for once I got an apology.

These parties continue all night long, and more often than not they aren’t particularly loud, well, after about midnight they quieten.  But they often stay up all night long chatting. Having 2 insomniac kids means I know all about how long folk round here are up and who works early. What a fun life.

Seriously though, they are probably a very nice couple. If it is possible to judge on looks, they look nice. But after getting off on the wrong foot, and them resisting any attempt we’ve made to be friendly all these little things become very annoying. I understand that it is unrealistic to expect them to warn us of their parties, however much we used to warn our friends neighbours, and/or invite them along.

Perhaps if their taste in music was better it wouldn’t bother me half as much.

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yes receptionist lady, I am blogging this

Isn’t it funny how therapeutic keeping a blog can be? Just merely thinking about how the blog post you’re going to create can diffuse so much anger and upset. Well for me anyway!

Today we had an appointment at our drs surgery. We’re regulars there even if just getting prescriptions once a fortnight, but even that does not stop the receptionists being uppity self important women. The appointment today was for Violet, so we couldn’t really avoid having her there with us,  and luckily both girls were in good humour this morning. Violet spent quite a while sitting reading books and pointing out letters on signs around the room. We arrived as close to the appointment as possible, so we wouldn’t have to amuse the girls for too long, but after half an hour of waiting Violet had got itchy feet and was up running about. Still jolly of course, but running from one side of the room to the other, down the bits where there were no people, while I stood nearby and supervised.  She wasn’t going near anyone, I was clearly watching her and stopping her going near doors, but yet still…..

“can you please stop your child running around?”

I  muttered an apology and said that I thought letting her run a little was better than her screaming and disturbing everybody while I tried to pin her to a seat. But apparently HEALTH AND SAFETY ALERT!!!!! She might fall over.

So?? She’s 3 FFS!! falling over is what she does best!!

Where in the big book of H&S rules does it state that children can’t run? Certainly I don’t remember it being written anywhere when I had to do H&S assesments at work. But as we all know, drs receptionists have the own book of rules. And they are boring, stuffy, humourless rules specifically designed to annoy as many people as possible.

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when did being a hippy mum give folk the right to be horrid and sanctimonious?

Sorry perhaps I’m being a little over sensitive, I wanted to be a hippy earth mother, I felt terribly cheated that circumstances meant that many of the hippy options were taken away from me.  Mostly though I felt the lack of support from hippier groups and people, that if I didn’t do it tyheir way I was failing or selfish.

I’m lucky enough to live somewhere where breast feeding is the norm, where there are a variety of friendly helpful staff who will advise on how to breastfeed. They’ll come to your house and help you get a latch and give advice on how to express. What there wasn’t was any support at all when these things weren’t working. They had many eco friendly ideas for getting more milk, fenugreek tablets, masssage and similar, but no advice at all about formula feeding. There was no advice anywhere on the most hippy way to formula feed, it was literally years too late before I found out about glass bottles.

I’m just abit angry after reading a post last night on a forum I read regularly where some sanctimonious hippy bint said that fomula fed babies are ‘unfinished’ ….GGGGRRaaaagghHHHHHH! Oh my goodness! Whatever happened to hippies being about peace and love and supporting each other to make the best choices possible??/

It is so very sad that there are mum’s like her; that there are people who make such snap judgements without taking any other factors into consideration. Those mums who sneer at you for getting a bottle out in public like somehow yuo’re letting the side down, who don’t stop to ask whether it is in fact breast milk in that bottle.

I loathe this idea that because I don’t co-sleep that I am letting my child down. That because I don’t have her in a sling continually she is going to be deficient. I am very pleased for aforementioned sanctimonious hippy b*tch that she managed to have the natural home birth so many of us wished for, I’m so pleased for her that she breastfed with no problems, has the option of cosleeping and the time and support to be able to do all the continuum parenting she bleats on about. It is very nice that it works for her. But I do wish, wholeheartedly, that there were some folks out there who could dilute their own hippy stance on things to make it accessible for us mums who don’t have all those options.  So that those of us who aren’t perfect could have support to be more hippified and eco friendly without being made to feel like a total failure for not breast feeding/co sleeping. cloth bumming.

Cos I’d put good f*cking money on bints like her and many others who have the audacity for calling me selfish and lazy for formula feeding my lactose intolerant baby don’t buy all local organic food or grow their own, that they aren’t powered entirely by green means, and that they all have cars that drink fossil fuels.  I wonder if they have time to recycle or make their own shampoo from soapnuts, I wonder if they spend as much time on the net researching FSC friendly wooden fair trade toys as they do on forums making us all feel like utter failures for not parenting as they do.

My message to you so called hippys, unless you’re breastfeeding as you write your condescending message on how I’m failing my kids on a computer made with recycled plastic powered only by the sun – shut up.

Makes. me. so. angry.

i knew there was something else.

April 21, 2007 2 comments

all i was orginally gonna post was a wee rant about my ears 😦

I am currently deaf in my right ear. Well I can hear myself really loudly and sorta white noise, but not much else. *grump* it makes my perception of the whole world seem weird cos like everything on my right side now seems much closer than it really is….if that makes any sense.

I suppose it could be worse but I thought I’d share the grump anyway 😀

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Grown up :)

April 11, 2007 Leave a comment

We’ve finally got a cooker after 6 months without one 😀 It got delivered and fitted by the lovely men from Comet, cos while we have a van neither of us should be trusted with fitting electrics, lol. And it was the same guys who were here a month ago to fit our washing machine… they’re demanding that we actually get around to buying coffee before they come back again 🙂

So now my house stinks of plastic from burning the lacquer of the hob… set the smoke alarm off 3 times!!

We also had Sky fitted on Sunday, mainly because the tv signal in Cornwall is bloody awful, and while we *can* get Freeview in our new house we can only get the BBC channels. It can’t even find ITV, so paying for Sky seems to be the only option if you want TV at all really. Makes me wish we hadn’t bothered paying for a license though, especially seeing as if you stood on my roof you could see the bloody TV mast. That said the new Sky boxes are very shiny, and it is brilliant to have the on screen tv guide, so see we’re saving paper too 🙂

And I dunno if anyone here can help but I have a strange computer speaker problem…. when my speakers are plugged into the back of the pc I only get right speaker sound… to get stereo I’ve had to plug it through the headphone socket in the front. Does anybody know why and if there’s anything I can/should do about it?? Thanks in advance 🙂