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March 2, 2006 1 comment

I have spent most of my evening mucking about on the Serenity websitewhich is very shiny! Especially the flash bit, make sure you have your sound turned on!!

The only problem with this is that I had my headphones in to listen to the site; and then went and played nanaca crash which I recommended to everybody a couple of days ago and I haven’t stopped playing yet (8250.14m current high). So guys I’m really sorry I recommended a site with such godawful music!! I had no idea; but its abysmal.

Thankfully I still have the Serenity theme music stuck in my head so I managed to blank it out 🙂 And I now have Serenity wallpaper. I’m getting all geeky in my old age 😀


February 26, 2006 5 comments

Today I have been letting Stumble find me more fun games as I am not doing so well with the Mah Jong. The best I have found so far are dodge the dot, does what is says on the tin really, and nanaca crash strange anime game, along the same line as the yeti smacking penguin thing, but wierder 😀 I have been making anyone I can find on messenger play it, my high score so far is 2237.88m.

There is also poom which I am bloody useless at.

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February 21, 2006 3 comments

The pest control guy has just left. They weren’t mice. yuck. But at least that explains why the mouse poison didn’t kill them, I suppose. He has also investigated the rats in the back close and in front of the house. I have no idea what he did about them or whatever, but he definately investigated; I like that man. 🙂 And now I don’t feel like such a wuss for being terrified!

Today is on of those days where I am really glad the dr gave me sedatives 🙂

And I found this on stumble, its cool yellowtail

email forward…….telephone hints and tips

February 15, 2006 1 comment

this is the funniest email forward I have ever, ever had.


>Priceless……especially the last one………:-)
>Actual call centre conversation
>Customer: “I’ve been ringing 0700 2300 for two days and can’t
> through to enquiries, can you help?”.
>Operator: “Where did you get that number from, sir?”.
>Customer: “It was on the door to the Travel Centre”.
>Operator: “Sir, they are our opening hours”.
>Samsung Electronics
>Caller: “Can you give me the telephone number for Jack?”
>Operator: “I’m sorry, sir, I don’t understand who you are
>talking about”.
>Caller: “On page 1, section 5, of the user guide it clearly
> states that I need to unplug the fax machine
>from the AC
> socket and telephone Jack before cleaning.
>Now, can you
>give me the
> number for Jack?”
>Operator: “I think you mean the telephone point on the wall”.
>RAC Motoring Services
>Caller: “Does your European Breakdown Policy cover me when
>I am
> travelling in Australia?”
>Operator: ” Doesn’t the product give you a clue?”
>Caller (enquiring about legal requirements while travelling in
>”If I register my car in France, do I have to change the steering
>to the other side of the car?”
>Directory Enquiries
>Caller: “I’d like the number of the Argoed Fish Bar in
>Operator: “I’m sorry, there’s no listing. Is the spelling
>Caller: “Well, it used to be called the Bargoed Fish
>Bar but the
>’B’ fell off”.
>Then there was the caller who asked for a knitwear company in Woven.
>Operator: “Woven? Are you sure?”
>Caller: “Yes. That’s what it says on the label; Woven in
>On another occasion, a man making heavy breathing sounds from a
>phone box
>told a worried operator:
>”I haven’t got a pen, so I’m steaming up the window to write the
>Tech Support: “I need you to right-click on the Open Desktop”.
>Customer: “OK”.
>Tech Support: “Did you get a pop-up menu?”.
>Customer: “No”.
>Tech Support: “OK. Right-Click again. Do you see a pop-up
>Customer: “No”.
>Tech Support: “OK, sir. Can you tell me what you have done up
>this point?”.
> Customer: “Sure. You told me to write ‘click’ and I
>Tech Support: “OK. In the bottom left hand side of the
> can you see the ‘OK’ button
>Customer: “Wow. How can you see my screen from
>Caller: “I deleted a file from my PC last week and I have just
>that I need it. If I turn my system clock back two weeks will I have
>file back again?”.
>There’s always one. This has got to be one of the funniest things in
>long time. I think this guy should have been promoted, not fired.
>This is
>a true story from the Word Perfect Helpline, which was transcribed
>from a
>recording monitoring the customer care department. Needless to say
>Help Desk employee was fired; however, he/she is currently suing the
>Perfect organization for “Termination without Cause”. Actual
>dialogue of a former WordPerfect Customer Support employee. (Now I
>why they record these conversations!):
>Operator: “Ridge Hall, computer assistance; may I help you?”
>Caller: “Yes, well, I’m having trouble with
>Operator: “What sort of trouble??”
>Caller: “Well, I was just typing along, and all of a
> the words went away.”
>Operator: “Went away?”
>Caller: “They disappeared.”
>Operator: “Hmm. So what does your screen look like now?”
>Caller: “Nothing.”
>Operator: “Nothing??”
>Caller: “It’s blank; it won’t accept anything when I
>Operator: “Are you still in WordPerfect, or did you get
>Caller: “How do I tell?”
>Operator: “Can you see the C: prompt on the screen??”
>Caller: “What’s a sea-prompt?”
>Operator: “Never mind, can you move your cursor around the
>Caller: “There isn’t any cursor: I told you, it won’t
> anything I type.”
>Operator: “Does your monitor have a power indicator??”
>Caller: “What’s a monitor?”
>Operator: “It’s the thing with the screen on it that looks
>like a
> TV. Does it have a little light that
>tells you when
>it’s on??”
>Caller: “I don’t know.”
>Operator: “Well, then look on the back of the monitor and
> power cord goes into it. Can you see
>Caller: “Yes, I think so.”
>Operator: “Great. Follow the cord to the plug, and tell me
>if it’s
> plugged into the wall.
>Caller: “Yes, it is.”
>Operator: “When you were behind the monitor, did you notice
>that there
> two cables plugged into the back of it,
>not just
>Caller: “No.”
>Operator: “Well, there are. I need you to look back there
> and find the other cable.”
>Caller: “Okay, here it is.”
>Operator: “Follow it for me, and tell me if it’s plugged
> into the back of your computer.”
>Caller: “I can’t reach.”
>Operator: “Uh huh. Well, can you see if it is??”
>Caller: “No.”
>Operator: “Even if you maybe put your knee on something and
> way over??”
>Caller: “Oh, it’s not because I don’t have the right
>angle –
> it’s because it’s dark.”
>Operator: “Dark??”
>Caller: “Yes – the office light is off, and the only
>light I
> have is coming in from the window.”
>Operator: “Well, turn on the office light then.”
>Caller: “I can’t.”
>Operator: “No? Why not??”
>Caller: “Because there’s a power failure.”
>Operator: “A power……………………………….. A
>failure? Aha,
> Okay, we’ve got it licked now. Do you
>still have the
> and manuals and packing stuff our
>computer came
>Caller: “Well, yes, I keep them in the closet.”
>Operator: “Good. Go get them, and unplug your system and
>pack it
> up just like it was when you got it.
>Then take it
>back to the
> store you bought it from.”
>Caller: “Really? Is it that bad?”
>Operator: “Yes, I’m afraid it is.”
>Caller: “Well, all right then, I suppose. What do I
>Operator: “Tell them you’re too f*%king stupid to own a
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February 11, 2006 Leave a comment

bitefight. Werewolves and vampires. you know you wanna. I made a character called Mary, but then I’m unimaginative that way!!

Edit: note to self; don’t volunteer to work in game for 2 hours, cos it seems they expect 2hours worth outta u. bugger.

painting walls, writing letters

February 9, 2006 Leave a comment

I have had an interesting day today, we have been creating signs to jolly the walls up a bit, which is cool especially when there are resident artists!!!

I found out that one of the coordination staff is leaving next week and her job is going to be seconded rather than advertised for at least the next 3 months. And basically I have been pressurised into applying for it by just about everybody apart from the actual playworker staff who just saw it as another reason to moan; but who cares, they’re going to moan anyway right?! So the lassie that’s leaving came up to my work to go through exactly everything I need to know in order to definately get the interview and hopefully the job; mainly on the basis that she is also called Jo 😀 The problem is that now I have to write an official letter of intent to the Play Manager and it has to be in for Monday; the interview would probably be next week and the job would start the week after. See, the council can be organised when they feel like it.

So instead of doing anything useful like starting the letter or practising more driving theory I am mucking about on LJ :S So far I have found these beauties thanks to Fortean_news
U.S. Air forces weather control machine and 2 bed residence with a kitchen: location storm drain


January 26, 2006 2 comments

I love having stumble, it takes you to things like evil clowns and scary beards and bacon and eggs and imagination and other cool stuff

It’s much more fun than doing anything you know useful….like sleeping 😀