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this time of year

ah yes June is beautiful, the sun is shining, everything is growing like mad, there’s enough sport on tv to keep someone like me on the very edge of sanity for a whole month. This month I’ve had all I can take of football and we’ve not hit the knockouts yet 馃槬 At least that will mean less games….

Anyway, anyway. This time of year creeps up on me, Violet’s birthday and all those memories. I have learned to buy her presents in May when I can be excited about her upcoming festivities and her wheel turning again,聽because聽June always brings all the memories of her arrival.

I have learned that if we must go to Truro in June/July then it is best to take back ways, cos even if I feel fine when I leave the house, I tend to blub all the way there. Whatever distraction I try, still I relive that journey up to day assessment and the end of my pregnancy. And no amount ‘oh but look at your fabulous big girl now!’ changes that.

The sunny mornings make me think of all the sterilising and expressing……the massive amounts of rain we had that year interspersed with hot, humid days…..the dragonfly outside my hospital window……the smells, the uniforms, baby’s crying, sleeping during the day, waking in the middle of the night…….so many little things that can transport me straight back to that week in an instant, just because it’s June again.


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14/10/2009public133 visits notify me ?

Yup we’re still in sunny Cornwall, for the time being.So thought I’d pop up here and say hi!

After all I was saying about giving blood the other day; I had blood taken yesterday by one of the neonatal drs, they did it with a butterfly thing instead of the usual vacuum things the midwives use. Sorry that’s less than clear huh? And for the first time ever I came over all wooshy as it was being done! I’ve never fainted or anything when having blood taken before, even after Violet was born when they took my blood every few hours cos of the pre-eclampsia!! Nuts! Maybe it was the watching it go down the tube…who knows!

Things are tootling along here, still not sure what’s happening re: Bristol. Ivy’s infection markers have come down, everything else seems stable, we got to have a cuddle last night too! They’ve had to put another long line in, poor chick, they had such trouble getting one in her arm, and she had cannulas in both legs at the time, so sh’es had to have it through a vein in her scalp. It sounds much worse than it is to be honest! At least in her scalp she can still swing her arms about, which she seems to enjoy, and she can’t pull on it, which has to be uncomfortable. And if the infection passes, which it looks like it is, then she can go back onto milk and it can come out again.

It’s been a tough week, hopefully we’re past the worst now. Glad that today, so far, there’s not been any phone calls. Of course it’s lovely that our families take an interest in it all, bless them. I try and keep them updated by text and, sadly, by facebook *ahem* and naturally if there was any important news I’d phone them all. But they all phone, inevitably all on the same day, and it’s tiring. I feel like I need to adjust everything I say according to how they’re taking it; when I said to my dad’s wife today that we’re still here, she started gushing about how wonderful news that was, hooray how fabulous, etc. It thoroughly confused me, I don’t know if she picked me up wrong, we are still going to Bristol, just not today….. And when I told gran that Ivy had another infection the other day she came rushing over and hovered at me. It’s tough, I don’t want to worry family unnecessarily, but I don’t want them thinking everything is just shiny either! When Violet was in hospital it was easier to let everyone believe everything was dandy, and largely everything was mainly ok, but I feel I need them to be aware of how much more delicate Ivy is. Even if just to stop them asking me when she’s coming home, which I imagine is as annoying as the questions all you pregnant ladies get ‘when is that baby coming?’ ‘haven’t you had that baby yet?’ I remember my mum getting really annoyed and telling people that in fact yes, the baby was here and she was pregnant again already. And offering people photos to save them staring…..Anyway, doesn’t really work for me. Must think of something witty.

Also I don’t want them thinking all is well cos they keep buying Ivy things, and I find it really hard to take. I’m still scared she’s not here to stay, I can’t imagine bringing her home, every time I start enjoying her something knocks us back. I have a few photos about but everything else gets put away, I don’t want to see these reminders everywhere that my baby isnt with me, even when it’s going well really. It’s lovely that they’re excited about having a new addition to the family, but in many ways I’m trying to treat it like I’m still pregnant, but the fact that she’s not home doesn’t have any impact on them, we have to live in it. I wish they’d give us the space to come to them to tell them things rather than phoning demanding all the time, I don’t have the energy for it. And the recurrence of PMT and the witch does not help any!

Wow that all turned out to be much more miserable than I had intended! Sorry! Ark at me all maudlin, when today actually things are going well. Meh. Must tidy the kitchen and phone up to see how my little chick is getting on, hooray! 馃榾

Updated 14/10/2009

Bless you lovely! I should really only post journals after I’ve visited Ivy, when my sun is shining 馃榾 ((((big hugs)))) Thanks for your lovely message chick!

There’s also an element of excitement to the not being able to imagine her coming home though, if that makes any sense?! I know her coming home is going to change everything about all of our lives unrecognisably and I just can’t imagine it, but I am looking forward to finding out. 馃檪 And yeah in my more maudlin moments like earlier, I can’t imagine her coming home and I don’t want to try and picture it just in case she doesn’t. But I try not to think about it too much, to be honest I couldn’t picture Violet coming home either, and she’s been here for 2 years and now I can’t imagine there ever being a time when she was not here!!

Sometimes it is easier to give people the answer they want to hear when they ask how things are isnt it?! Bless you you’ve not had an easy pregnancy, I’m sure you must be sick to the back teeth of people saying stupid things like ‘oh you’ll be blooming soon’聽 so I’ll refrain 馃檪 Take care lovely xxxx

Jo x

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thanks ladies! ivy update :)

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Posted 17/8/09

morning all, hope you have all been keeping ok! thank you all so much for your messages over the last few days, l and g you are both fab, thankyou 4 updating 4 me!

i am still in hospital, tryin 2 do this onvthe overhead telly thing, if it makes no sense that’s why/! i am bein kept in 4 a few days, PE appeared again just before ivy was born BP is back 2 normal now with drugs but they’re keeping an eye just in case. trying 2 get upand about feels like i’ve been in bed forever!

ivy is doin ok, they are still worried about her, she does seemv2 b making progress tho. she has come off some drugs and has less help withbreathing but still ventilated fully. she had to have platelets blue-lighted downfrom bristol last night, they did tell me why but not much is really going in, and is under her sun lamp 4 jaundice right now. she does lookvcomfy lounging with her shades on! most of the nurses are the same as looked after violet and she has the same consultant, so at least we all know each other and webknow how it all works, 1 less thing 2 worry about! and hopefully if today goes okb4 her and i can stand for long enough i will get 2 change herbum! so nearly 48 hours down, still a way to go but apparently getting thru the first 2 days is good 馃檪

i’ll keep u posted, hope ur all still cooking well ladies and bumps! thanks again, love u guys xxxx

Jo x

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Posted 15/8/09

Hi girls, Jo is being sectioned at 9am today. She’s been understandably upset overnight and the consultants offered to deliver her baby girl then but she’s held off to let the steroids take effect properly. She says that baby should weigh about 750g which is about 1.7lbs and that everything looks fine with bubs.

She thanks everyone for their kind thoughts and wants everyone to know that she really does appreciate it. She’s gutted about the fact that no matter how well things go this morning, she’ll still have to leave hospital without her baby again (like she had to with Violet).

Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly for her. (((hugs))) to Jo and her family!聽

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Posted 14/8/09

Hi girls, Jo, (pixiejo) has messaged me asking to update you all on her…. she has been in all night, has had a scan. Baby is measuring 25 weeks and Jo is 29 weeks just now. The blood flow is looking good so Jo has been told that they will section her tomorrow at the latest. She is absolutely gutted and is missing all the support from everyone on here…

Please join me in sending all your love and best wishes right now to Jo.



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anyone else have a quiet baby?

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Posted 13/8/09

Ah insomnia! How I hate half 5 in the morning! Suppose I should get used to it tho

Hope everyone else is well, and ideally not awake yet too! Just wondering really whether anybody else out there has a quiet baby? I’ve spent the last week or so (probly longer!) fretting and worrying cos baba has got all quiet only for my midwife to be totally unconcerned. She rhymed off a load of reasons of why it could be without actually making me feel any better about it, like baby facing the wrong way and comfy/running out of room/having a growth spurt. I am still getting 10 movements a day, but there are much more pushes and stretches and little scratchy feelings with the occasional poke here and there sort of round the edges of my bump. I miss the belly wobbling kicks I thought by 29 weeks I’d be being assaulted from inside!

I did have a section last time and still can’t feel a wide strip across the outside of my belly, would that make a difference on the inside too?

Think I may just go and buy a doppler, hanging around waiting for baby to kick is starting to do my head in!

Jo x

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reduction in movement, help! Anyone up?

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Posted 6/8/09

MOrning ladies,

Trying not to get myself all in a tiz, but teeny bump has been really quiet over the last 24 hours, I have still had movements but not many, all really down low and if I wasn’t anxiously waiting for each one I probably wouldn’t notice them at all 馃槮 She’s been getting gradually quieter over the last week, but only in the strength of movement rather than the amount. She normally starts booting me at about 9pm, I got nothing last night, no matter how much ice cold water or prodding I drank, didn’t feel a thing til after 11pm. I have had movements this morning,. but like I say really feathery nudges down low, a bit like going back to the beginnings of movement all over again. Sorry I ramble, I’ve not slept well.

I do already have my 28 week check at half 9 this morning, but even that seems way off just now! Any advice? Anything else I can do to get the baby to wake up and boot back?

Hope everyone else is well anyway xxx

Jo x

Updated 6/08/2009

Thanks everyone! I am home from the midwife, she seems quite happy, baby has grown and is bang on for dates and her heartbeat is fine. Apparently baba was just hiding from me yesterday 馃槮

I thought I’d come out of the appointment all relieved and happy, and don’t get me wrong I am delighted to have heard the heartbeat and to know that all is actually fine! but I dunno I guess I’d have liked some kind of explanation further than ‘I’m not concerned’ – like if she could’ve felt that the baby was turned with her back facing out, or whether it was a growth spurt, or just made something up to make me feel better. I still feel a bit lost at sea with the whole thing, thank god for yuo ladies!

And because I had got my knickers in a knot about movement I forgot to ask about Strep B testing, or get my Hip grant form signed, or ask any of the other questions I had meant to ask. Oh well I have another appointment in 3 weeks time, will have to try and remember and not have more drama between now and then!

Right I’m off to try the chocolate tip, see if I can get this baba bouncing! She seems oblivious to my prods and pokes, and well any excuse for chocolate!!!

Jo x

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