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falling over flambards

hee it’s been rather an amusing fortnight pooka_joe has been off work so we’ve been out 🙂 We were meant to take my baby brother (22) to flambrds last wednesday but AJ was ill and didn’t want me to catch the icky bug (aint he sweet?) so, instead we went to Newquay Zoo which despite the crappy website is really cool!! I discovered a new critter called a Fossa
They’re just gorgeous and I want one 🙂

We also have finally got a car, an M reg burgundy Volvo now named Vic. Betty is still here for the mo, but she is not enjoying the damp and we don’t really need a van anymore, so we will find her a nice new owner. Vic is very posh (though perhaps Betty isn’t the best comparison) he has a working tape player, leather seats and an electric sunroof. And other things, but as a passenger thats all I care about 😀 It is bloody weird being this close to the road after spending 6 months in a transit….

Yay for more bankholiday-ness!! mainly cos I have been off 🙂 May bank holiday is always good down here, aint too busy cos the kids are still at school so not too many tourists and lost caravans. So we went with Aj and his girlfriend Lucy to Flambards which was awesome and still as exciting as it was when I was 8 despite the fact that the only ride I was allowed on was the Carousel and crazy golf… you would’ve thought that with all those measures in place I would’ve been fairly safe, but it’s me!! I fell backwards off a 2 foot step onto concrete and am now all bruised and feeling sorry for meself. I had a great time anyway.

And soon we are off to get PIzza; which is good cos I think I was over-enthusiastic with the cleaning and the house stinks of Jif.


another week down

April 21, 2007 5 comments

and finally I get my contract for work! Which seems a little pointless seeing as I will only be there for another, eeek, 5 weeks :S Especially seeing as the original contract was til the 31st of March. Ah well at least I got one.

I have spent the last half an hour talking to Jehovah’s Witnesses who turned up on my door. One of them was an old Polish chap who had been taken to a camp in Siberia by the Nazi’s in the 2nd World War and was one of those that escaped and walked to India. Absolutely fascinating. I felt it would be wrong to slam the door on a guy like that, amazing.

New game of Vampire starting up again 2morro, yay!! I’ve bought more dice on t’internet, got some red & white one’s from legend games they look just like those campino sweeties, yum 😀 As soon as I discover what has happened to our old characters I will let y’all know. There is much scheming from pooka_joe it’s rather worrying….

For any of you that care I’m now 22 weeks pregnant, officially well and truly over half way, getting wider by the day. I am now regularly being booted about, especially at about 4 in the morning when little one likes to be awake. But at least I’ll already be used to being at silly times when they arrive. Lately s/he has started kicking so hard my whole belly wobbles, it looks funny 😀

And somewhat sadly Betty the Van got broken into last night 😦 right outside our lounge window!!! (as in, if I open the window I can touch the back door of the van)
Not that there’s anything in there worth taking, as the kids soon discovered, even the tax is up in July so that aint really worth having either. Unless you have a penchant for recycling I spose….

Work is as can be expected. Management decided to clean out the workrooms without first asking the staff. Which made staff v.angry. Manager ended up going home in tears cos staff got shouty when manger started binning people’s work. But like I say, 5 weeks to go, I really don’t care 🙂

wahey for bank holidays!

April 7, 2007 6 comments

They probably are the one redeeming feature of working for the council 🙂 Without any planning from myself I have manged to get an entire week off just by the way my days off fell with the bank holiday days….if I’d only realised earlier I would’ve done SOMETHING. Quite what I don’t know 😛

On thursday it was Grannie Elsie’s funeral, it was very sweet and exactly what she would’ve wanted. Well she had chosen the vicar and it was the church she attended and played piano for, and she got buried beside her hubby who had died about 50 years ago. I don’t think she ever found anyone else who could meet her standards 🙂 The graveyard is really pretty, don’t think there had been a burial there since at least the 60’s, the whole place is covered with wild yellow primroses. The wake was at the Coppice pub, which was right opposite the house she had lived in for 70 odd years (and also my home until I was 2, which made it weird cos there are bits of the building that are familiar in a half remebered, dream like way, mad)
And I had lots of folk molesting my bump, which is kinda ok when it’s family I spose….quite why other folk invade the personal space of highly hormonal women and wonder why they get growled at I don’t know.

Ooh I had to have words with my boss! I can’t remeber if I said here but the day after granny died I went into work, cried most of the way there (on a bus full of school kids too *rolls eyes*) arrived at work, cried at them, turned round and went home. Sometimes trying to keep busy is a stupid thing to do. Anyway, in my “back to work” interview she said she was going to put those 2 days off as a migraine. Which baffled me. I had to tell her to put it down as bereavement cos like that what happened *INSERT ME MAKING CHILDISH YOU’RE STUPID NOISES RIGHT ABOUT HERE* and then she told me I would have to take the funeral off as holiday. FFS holiday?? she could’ve at least phrased it better!!

It’s just more silly niggly things that piss me off, and well it doesn’t take much 😛

Anyway it’s beautiful weather so I’m going to head OUT (if I can find my sunscreen) I’m currently trying to convince pooka_joe that we need to go to the beach purely cos there are beaches, and that we then have to paddle. Just because. If I succeed I will post pics of any castles built, and if I don’t well I wont 😀

Hope everybody else is well and enjoying the lack of rain 🙂

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a muddle of madness

March 28, 2007 2 comments

So, we started moving the day after I last posted, Sunday 11th. I say we, but in truth I didn’t do much, you see…

Pooka_joe had packed the van late saturday night, cos we lived on the main street, which is one-way, single lane traffic. Sunday morning we go get Betty the van, I jump in, but he does not, he stands outside the van pointing at the ground. So I jump out and go to run round the front of the van….. falling off the pavement and going completely over on my ankle, badly spraining it (left one this time)….. Pooka had been pointing at the completely flat van tyre. After some foot-pumpage and a visit to the garage Betty’s foot was ok, however at the garage the right side wing mirror fell out. Don’t know why, it just dropped out of the holder thingy. Ho hum. —- by Weds the tyre would take no more blowing up, so she was taken to Kwik fit, where we discovered she had 2 nails in the tyre. 2!!! ffs. —

Also on Sunday the 11th, Krisitin my sis in law gave birth to little Elsie Rose by c-section at 8:30am. She was 6lb 14 & 1/2 and apart from being bloody knackered everthing and everyone was ok.

Monday, my first day of leave I spent in casualty getting my rather swollen foot attended to & checking I hadn’t broken it. My darling bro AJ assisted pooka with the moving of the stuff, and also blagged me some crutches bless him. The rest of the week passed fairly uneventfully really, mainly cos I couldn’t really do anything though I suppose! Apart from pooka’s mum bought us a washing machine!!! I spent 2 days watching it spin!! This is particularly awesome because our laundrette lost the last pair of smart work trousers that fitted over my bump. Not that I mind working in joggies mind you 🙂

I managed to make it back into work last thursday, my contract is due to finish on saturday and in true council style no-one knows if they will want me to continue past that date, useless fuckers the lot of them.

I am currently off work again though. My great granny Elsie passed away yesterday morning. Peacefully by all accounts, my gran was with her, she had been suffering from emphysema (sp??) for rather a long time, and was constantly on oxygen last time I saw her, just before I moved house.

And er… I think thats all the updating I had missed with broadband being off and things being manic. So hope everybody else is well, love to ya all xx

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A Seagull Stole My Pasty

February 10, 2007 9 comments

right out of my sodding hand. While I was trying to eat it. Bloody thing dive bombed me from over my shoulder so I couldn’t even see it coming. And it swallowed the whole thing in one go. Fucking flying shit machines.
If the fucking stupid bloody tourists stopped feeding them this sort of thing just wouldn’t happen.




Thought I’d pop my head up and say hello as I don’t seem to that much these days.

Seems it has snowed everywhere but here this winter. We got rain. That heavy, lazy, noisy sort of rain you only really see on tv or in films. The river in Penryn broke its banks flooded many houses and the local park, which you can’t currently see at all :S It sucks.

My step sister had her baby boy yesterday by emergency c-section 7lb 12 and all going well apparently.

Work continues as normal. It has become much more bearable, still terminally dull, but I only have another 6 weeks to go so I think I’ll live. I have discovered the only member of staff roughly the same age as me is a really big Firefly/Buffy/Angel/graphic novel/Farscape fan/geek. I am very pleased to have found someone to rant about Fox with down here 😀 Wahoo!! I think pooka_joe has managed to locate role players too. Time to get the Munchkin out methinks.

And like the silly bint that I am I put the news I am most excited about at the bottom, drum roll please… I am having a baby… well not just any baby, pooka’s 😉 I am 12 weeks gone, starting to run out of clothes that fit and am going in for my first scan on Monday. I was going to wait to tell until after I had been scanned to check everything was ok, but everybody else has found out one way or another so….. I did contemplate just waiting and seeing how long it took folk to guess what was going on, but that doesn’t work so well with you Scottish lot. 🙂 I got round the telling_folk_down_here thing by telling the 2 biggest gossips I know so now everyone knows 😀

I thought I knew stuff about pregnancy, being the eldest of 8 and all. Without boring you all to tears with a breakdown of all my ailments suffice to say I still feel fairly crappy, but improving now! I have not been sick and the nausea is fading 🙂 But I’m lucky if I can stay up past 8:30pm

All the family are excited, apart from my dad who’s comment was “fuck”, but in fairness he’s 46, he became a grandad for the first time this week, he will again in March and now again in August. He did stop ranting when I pointed out that I am 10 years older than he was when I was born and that it was going to happen sooner or later.

I was going to text folk, or email or phone but I didn’t want to just call up and say “by the way…” and I couldn’t think how best to put it, I dunno guess I think about these things far too much 🙂

Hope everybody else is well!


anyone else glad it’s over?

December 27, 2006 Leave a comment


Hope everybody has survived their families intact and is enjoying the world reverting to some state of normality as much as I am!

In fact I have a lovely quiet festive period, for which I am very grateful 🙂

For Pooka_joe‘s birthday we went to Pizza Hut, which seems to be the only place down here that does good pizza, and then went to see Casino Royale. Which I would highly recommend!! There is a wonderful free-running sequence and it’s generally much more visceral than most recent Bond’s; much more like I imagine being a double-o would be like. It was wicked!!

We did most of our food shopping on the 23rd, which I was worried about. I thought ASDA would be packed and all the food would be gone with all the mad panic buyers. Actually it was the quietest I have EVER seen it 🙂 We will be doing the same next year I reckon.

Christmas Eve, Sara and Ella came round for lunch, kicked of the festivities nice and early 🙂

Christmas day we had warm french bread and ricotta for breakfast; and for lunch a lovely Korma with Peshwari naan. And for dinner we had a whole mint vianetta 🙂 Very festive, hehe. Got some funky shinies too, pooka got me an MP3 player, wonderful Body Shop smellies and Stardust 🙂 And there was much much chocolate yay!

I enjoyed the festive Who. The Santa’s/trees were better this year (though I am having to stop myself from questioning why they were back and what they had been doing for the past year and stuff…..maybe they come through some strange dimensional rift that only opens on Xmas eve, something to do with all the electricity being used for the lights???) I liked the companion being someone who was thick as mince and clearly not enjoying the whole thing.
But what I really enjoyed was the Dr Who concert thingy, that was awesome!!

Boxing Day we went to my Grans to see dad for a proper roast and stuff, pretty much the rest of the family bailed though. My sister Jenny is now 8 months pregnant and trying not to do too much by the sounds of it, haven’t been able to get hold of AJ for over a week so don’t really know what he’s up too and most of th rest of them are coming down on the 30th! Came back here and had cheese and biscuits (white stilton & apricot, wensleydale & cranberry, cheddar and ricotta yummy) and watched House which I got pooka_joe for his birthday.

And now he’s back to work and it’s all normal and dull again.

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And I thought today would be dull…

December 20, 2006 10 comments

It’s been a fairly manic coupla days running about trying to get the rest of presents, etc sorted and mainly getting new trousers n shoes for Pooka_joe who started his new job today!

So I’m sitting about the house all on my lonesome, cos my job doesn’t start til the 8th of January 😀 hehehe awesome!!!! Just chilling out and getting all the pressies wrapped (it’s also pooka’s birthday tomorrow), when my darling father phones to say he will be here in 10 minutes.

On arrival, he informs me he has just been diagnosed with herpes. Lovely. Also, he now has a new girlfriend who is less than a year older than me, in case I hadn’t mentioned that earlier. Then he moaned about money for a while, complained about how little you get on the dole. He went on to comment that I have apparently put on weight and to ask whether he should also tell his mum about his current medical condition. I’m just glad he doesn’t come round often 🙂

I’m beginning to have sympathy for the folk that end up on Trisha & Jeremy Kyle. My dear life.

Hope everybody else is good!

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