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Many new acronyms and a new sofa!

October 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Well a new sofa to us anyway! Out of our current three-piece suite two seats have utterly collapsed, beyond all rescuing with hidden cushions or bits of mdf. It is done. And while I am sort of laughing inside at the lottery of who gets the crap seats, as naturally they are the popular ones, we have had to get a new second hand sofa. Until then it will be like living in Takeshi’s Castle!

On a more serious note, this morning was my meeting with Violet’s SENCO at nursery. She showed me her ‘learning journey’ and their own notes, as well as explaining many of the acronyms, and me oh my there are tons of them!! In her opinion Violet is likely to get a statement as she needs one to one attention or else doesn’t understand what is going on, but she will need to be watched and assessed a few times before any decision will be made. In the meantime she has an Individual Learning Plan in place for nursery. It has set many balls in motion though, she has referred Violet onto the district SENCO, on the basis that the more professional involved the more likely we are to be able to help Violet through school. She also regularly works with the local Speech and Language Therapy team, including the same therapist that Violet was working with this time last year, so she will arrange for her to assess Violet at nursery. She’s also going to as if we can have a Makaton sign pocket book from them, which would be really helpful!

So from two initial meetings the same people at the top of the tree are going to be contacted, hopefully it’ll all converge in a nice helpful manner with a nice simple statement for Violet all done and dusted and ready for school. I suspect it wont be nearly that simple, but at least I know who to nag now!

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ah I see, so complaining does pay off then?

So just yesterday I posted about how I felt like such a prize grass for complaining at Violet’s nursery, could not be more different today.

Now the staff have always been lovely to me, but they truly have upped their game. I have found out more about what Violet gets up to at nursery in the last 24 hours than they’ve told me in the last month, they’ve pointed out who her friends are, said that she doesn’t really talk much (she’s there on a funded place instead of more intensive speech and language therapy) and that she’s doing really well on her potty. They showed me round their new conservatory and apologised for the state of the nappy that caused the complaint in the first place.

Suddenly they’re answering all my questions with more than a cursory monosyllable that I’m used to. Suddenly I’m shown where her drawer is, and handed the stash of cardis she keeps leaving behind, suddenly all the staff are chatting away to me like I’m their best mate. It is awesome.

I still feel bad for having to do it, and I still worry that maybe I was being OTT, but asserting my authority as her mum and actually complaining has changed the whole experience into the one I had hoped nursery would be, rather than the one I was receiving.

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I hate complaining

Yeah I know that may be fairly hard to believe, but when it comes to real life, having to go and speak to someone as something is amiss is something I truly hate doing.

My big clever Violet has been doing brilliantly with her potty training, still loving her Brightbots and picking what colour she’s going to wear. Even going as far as putting one pair over another in sheer enthusiasm. She had got to the point of being entirely dry during the day, apart from her party obviously. We were thinking about proper big girl pants. ONly for it all to be scuppered by the nusery. After all their assurances that they would do what we did at home with potty training she comes home on Tuesday in a nappy I can only describe as rank, vile enough to make everything sore and make her scared of using the potty.  Seriously, this nappy had been on for over an hour in that state, required a change of clothes as well. Nasty stuff. After all her and our hard work with the potty training this was a massive set back.  It means we’ve gone from a girl who was so very nearly there to having to bribe her with stickers just to sit on the damn potty.

So today she was back at nursery, and after some discussion with DH it was decided that I should go in and say to them that there was an issue. For a start I need to be more assertive, and well, he was angry! I didn’t really want him going in there guns blazing. So I went and I said, and the manager was really concerned, she agreed that this was not acceptable, especially as they should be paying more attention in case Violet did need the potty. And yet still I’ve come home feeling like a proper sh*t for doing it.  I know they didn’t do it out of any kind of badness but at  the same time their negligence caused my girl pain.

I had thought I’d feel better about it, that I should feel like I’ve now sorted it so it’ll be better for Violet, and should be patting myself on the back for not letting it slide. I thought facing my fears of confrontation would make me feel like I’ve won (against myself not the nursery per se) but I just feel horrid. I know it had to be done and I’m glad it was me and not grumpy hubby, this time, but I just feel like the kid who grassed. Like I’ve kicked someone who was trying to help me.

God help me when she starts at school eh?