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TV sucks, let’s listen to some tunes!

October 18, 2010 Leave a comment

It always makes the day better doesn’t it? I used to have music on all the time, before children and I must admit I do dislike the tv quite intensely. Don’t get me wrong there are many programs that I really enjoy watching, and cbeebies/milkshake have helped me maintain a level of sanity over the last 3 years, but I miss listening to music. I love with music that you can listen, appreciate, even join in with it and still read, study, or converse.

Perhaps it’s because I grew up in a house with many people and rarely if ever got a say in what got put on the tv, or perhaps its the time I spent since then in bedsits with no tv at all, but many a day I wish we didn’t have one now. I feel it sucks all the motivation out of the room, so often left in the corner yabbering away to itself with its constant stream of depressing news.

How many times have we all lost an hour watching a program we don’t even like? How many things do we feel we never have the time to do? How many phone calls, games,and hobbies slide by the wayside because the tv is on? I appreciate how hard it is not putting the box on. It’s hard to think of things to do, to keep everyone entertained when they’ve been used to the tv doing it for them.

It’s worth it for days like today. The girls have been much better behaved, perhaps they feel like they’re not competing for our attention with the big black box in the corner? They’ve played so much more nicely with their toys, and with each other, they’ve enjoyed the singing and the dancing about. Us grown ups too, the tunes coming on you haven’t heard for years and the memories that they bring, how often does the tv make you feel like that?

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Protected: The down sides of owning a van & cooking devices

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Protected: Blood, horror and lightning

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April 7, 2006 3 comments

hello hello. I seem to be getting worse at keeping this up to date; not that I have a great deal to say for myself, I’ve either been at home or at pooka_joe‘s 🙂

the landlord has sent a guy who blocked up the holes in the kitchen; that was nearly a week ago (I think) and there hasn’t been any sign of rodents since. Fingers crossed it stays that way this time.

I got a touch over enthusiastic on Amazon and have greatly increased the amount of books I have yet to read. Oops. But now I have many Neil Gaiman, but first I must finish The Eyre Affair by Jaspar Fforde that Pickwick has leant me (which is absolutley brilliant, so good I can’t believe I haven’t read it until now!!!) I also have to read Stranger in a Strange Land that Laerad leant me probably nearly a year ago and Harry Potter which Pooka_joe has leant me. I really must stop buying and borrowing books, I don’t take nearly enough bus journeys to compensate for the amount I have to read 😀

I also got speakers for my pc from Amazon, and have since got Soulseek and Bittorrent and have been downloading music like crazy, which is cool!! So if anybody has any suggestions of things I really should be adding to my collection then please push them my way 🙂

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christmas shopping!

November 14, 2005 1 comment

Let it be known that today I have officially started my christmas shopping. Well I have bought three packs of the same pretty, smelly things for my mum and sisters. And then my boy brought me home and we had posh pizza I bought in Sainburys, which was yummy. Cos yesterday for the first time in literally months I went and bought sensible food that actually contains vegetables, cos all this chocolate and cheesy pasta can’t be doing me any good at all. :0)

This week I did more drama training, which was cool, I want to do that forever and not do any real work!! AND we had the organiser of all the play learning workshops in and she said that ours was the best workshop she had ever been to!! (wonder what she wants :S)

Saturday and Sunday we watched the whole of the Firefly series. I loove it, we should start a campaign to make them do more, I need to know who Shepherd Book really is, I need to see how silly Jayne’s hats can get, and I need to watch enough so that I can tell the difference between Malcolm Reynolds and the scary preacher Caleb that he was in Buffy. Or maybe something about that man just scares me… cos I instantly forgot that Zoe was Jasmine; never once did I see maggots falling out of her face in the middle of an innappropriate scene. But it was cool!!! and I want River’s boots, yes I know I already have New Rocks, but hers were bigger and had more buckles and they were pretty and stompy. I shall attempt to not buy any more boots til at least the January sales, cos I really don’t need them. much. :0)

Apart from Firefly, the Hairy one has been over for most of the weekend, cos I couldn’t let him stay in a caravan on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere in all that weather! (any excuse) And we have all slobbed out and done very little and eaten kebabs, cos as Pickwick says they are much more appealing on a plate.

This week should be entertaining, I have a 2 hour driving lesson tomorrow, which is either going to be fun or very,very dull. Tomorrow night we are supposed to be going nout for a drink at a Blues night in town for a pal’s birthday, and on Friday there is a development day at work. Which promises to be ridiculous. The centre will be closed (yay) and we are to discuss and put forward changes for the whole of Playservice. Personally I think we should let the kids get on with as much as possible, just be there to supervise and maybe throw ideas of stuff in their direction. I just remeber that I really didn’t want to be playing games with adults when I was a kid, so I fail to understand why we are trying to exactly that. Still, I get paid to play games so I’m going to stop complaining!!!

Anyway Pooka_joe is on his way over so I’m going to get t’kettle on.

cold, rainy and sad

November 9, 2005 10 comments

its been a mad week, but I shall try not to make an essay out of this!!

cold and rainy saturday morning, I went to my boy’s mum’s funeral. It was a lovely service, everybody that wanted to, or could, went up to give a few words and share memories, which was beautiful and heartbreaking. I got to meet up with loads of folk that I’ve not seen in years, which was lovely and had a very old friend up for dinner afterwards, the hairy boy’s cousin. When we first moved to Glasgow we all lived together and I remained very close friends with him for a long time afterwards. Sad irony of funerals I suppose, meeting up with so many people that you really care about but don’t get to see often for whatever reason.

On Sunday Pickwick and I got a lift with the hairy drummer to pooka_joe‘s to indulge in an afternoon of Buffy. This did mean having to go to McDonalds and sit in the carpark for lunch, slagging off the food, which I haven’t done in years!

Monday involved going back to work, oh joy. It was an entertaining evening by all accounts. Our lovely children had been noising up a local drunk, who also happens to be one of our regulars mother. So she chased them, they all came screaming into the building, closely followed by this woman. And then because we wouldn’t let her in she started beating the crap out of the doors, hurling herself against them, screaming abuse at everybody that would listen. In the meantime we were sneaking scared children into other fire exits and trying to get them all to stay in library cos thats the only room without an outside door. She ended up attacking another member of staff as she tried to let a kid in, which I saw from another door further along the building, I jus didn’t make it in time to be any help. So the police were called and I had to give a statement. Got to feel sorry for her kids.

And yesterday I was off training playscheme workers to run drama workshops which was really cool. As always the workshop didn’t go entirely as planned mainly cos the woman I was working with was really enthusiastic about her various puppets but hadn’t really planned what was to be done with them… but the drama bit was really good, and the feedback from the evaluations was brilliant. And were off doing the same thing tonight at the other end of town. And last night the hairy one invited Pickwick and I to a gig he was doing at the polo lounge which was lovely, acoustic and pretty.

anyway, I should get ready for work, I suppose I should have some kind of plan for tonights workshop and I really should figure out how the hell I’m getting home from the other side of town :S

as predicted: a better week

September 28, 2005 Leave a comment

I was right this week is better (so far anyway)

This may be aided by the fact that new senior chick has been off sick for the last couple of days, so we’ve not seen her all week, making the whole work thing more pleasant all round!! I have also decided to make a concerted effort to be nice to everybody, regardless of what other people make think about my loyalties or what they think about it at all, fuck them and their short sighted attitudes, big raspberries to you all :0P And this would so far have seemed to make the week much more fun, and I have had many strange looks hehehe.

Still wasn’t entirely sure what was going on with my job, like when I get to sign contracts and book holidays to see my mummy and stuff. Until today, when I got a call from personnel, who it would seem are still dealing with my police check thingy that I handed in a month ago. Somewhere between floor 2, where playservices are based, and floor 3 (i think) where personnel are, the important part of the form, with all my many and varied address details had managed to be lost and its taken them this long to realise. Sometimes its a really good thing that I do have rather a good memory (if I do say so myself) and can quote all my addresses, post codes and rough moving in dates from the last 5 years. All 8 of them. Its a bloody good thing they only need five years, cos I already have an enhanced disclosure, the first disclosure I had done I needed 10 years and, at last count I’d managed to move over 20 times since I was 16. I will stop one day, hopefully sometime before I retire…..

Anyway, last night we went to tchai ovna (in case you havent seen Pickwick‘s journal, which has photo’s of the place and everything!! and we MUST go again, soon. We used to go every fortnight when I first moved up here, a big gang of us regulars and anybody else we could find. It’s just so nice to be able to listen to live music, in a place where not only can you hear yourself think, but better still there aren’t any pissed people!!!!! Not that I’m against pubs or anything, but you know, I don’t drink and even when I did drink, really drunk people just annoy the hell outta me! And its ridiculously cheap, or rather it would be if you don’t accidentally end up in Waterstones on the way there like we did. Cos what I need is more books of course…….I have failed in my self imposed ban already. See this is why I have temporarily given up giving up smoking. I know its a vile, disgustipating habit, I know its costing me money that I don’t need to spend, I know that I don’t actually get anything out of it except smelly hair and slightly orange fingers. Problem is I have tons of willpower and not a great deal of won’tpower. My excuse and I’m sticking to it hehe :0)