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Posted 18/8/09

hiya all,

i’ve just had all the night staff laughing at the speed i left my room, a f***-ing enormous huntsman spider just appeared and did a runner along the skirting! i swear i have not seen a spider that big outside a zoo! cos obviouslymy blood pressure was not high enough before. i’ve just had it retested at 150/96. fab.

ivy is doing ok, not much different. she is hating being touched or moved so we’re leaving her be as much as poss. can’t blame her for bein grumpy! she’s down 2 bein ventilated in just air and taking some breaths herself, and seems 2 finally be weeing, ah the stuff you celebrate huh?! she may have an infection but they’re hoping the antibiotics she’s already on will sort it, may just be a funny test result tho.

oh and another thing all yu 2nd timers聽 should know that no-one told me. i’ve been really worried as the bottom of my back has been really numb and my hips really sore, thought i’d overdone it or something, apparently it’s normal on ur 2nd baby. hormones moving it all back into place, even tho i’m this early! so be warned and don’t worry 馃檪 oh and you still get after pains even after a section, they were fun, but not too awful once i knew what it was that hurt and why. thought i’d give a heads up to ya all tho!!!/

hope you’re all well xxxx

Jo x

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Posted 14/8/09

Hi girls, Jo, (pixiejo) has messaged me asking to update you all on her…. she has been in all night, has had a scan. Baby is measuring 25 weeks and Jo is 29 weeks just now. The blood flow is looking good so Jo has been told that they will section her tomorrow at the latest. She is absolutely gutted and is missing all the support from everyone on here…

Please join me in sending all your love and best wishes right now to Jo.



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reduction in movement, help! Anyone up?

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Posted 6/8/09

MOrning ladies,

Trying not to get myself all in a tiz, but teeny bump has been really quiet over the last 24 hours, I have still had movements but not many, all really down low and if I wasn’t anxiously waiting for each one I probably wouldn’t notice them at all 馃槮 She’s been getting gradually quieter over the last week, but only in the strength of movement rather than the amount. She normally starts booting me at about 9pm, I got nothing last night, no matter how much ice cold water or prodding I drank, didn’t feel a thing til after 11pm. I have had movements this morning,. but like I say really feathery nudges down low, a bit like going back to the beginnings of movement all over again. Sorry I ramble, I’ve not slept well.

I do already have my 28 week check at half 9 this morning, but even that seems way off just now! Any advice? Anything else I can do to get the baby to wake up and boot back?

Hope everyone else is well anyway xxx

Jo x

Updated 6/08/2009

Thanks everyone! I am home from the midwife, she seems quite happy, baby has grown and is bang on for dates and her heartbeat is fine. Apparently baba was just hiding from me yesterday 馃槮

I thought I’d come out of the appointment all relieved and happy, and don’t get me wrong I am delighted to have heard the heartbeat and to know that all is actually fine! but I dunno I guess I’d have liked some kind of explanation further than ‘I’m not concerned’ – like if she could’ve felt that the baby was turned with her back facing out, or whether it was a growth spurt, or just made something up to make me feel better. I still feel a bit lost at sea with the whole thing, thank god for yuo ladies!

And because I had got my knickers in a knot about movement I forgot to ask about Strep B testing, or get my Hip grant form signed, or ask any of the other questions I had meant to ask. Oh well I have another appointment in 3 weeks time, will have to try and remember and not have more drama between now and then!

Right I’m off to try the chocolate tip, see if I can get this baba bouncing! She seems oblivious to my prods and pokes, and well any excuse for chocolate!!!

Jo x

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anyone else packed and ready?

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Posted 1/8/09

My hospital bag is now officially packed and ready to go, and Violet’s stuff is all at the bottom of the stairs ready if she has to be shipped off at short notice too.

I know that sounds really over eager, but I’m 27+4 now and I went in at 32 weeks last time and I’ve been in day assesment twice in the last fortnight with niggles, once overnight! Such things focus the mind a bit!tho with my total lack of brain right now I’m sure I’ve forgotten some rather vital things, more than likely!

So anyone else packed??

Jo x

Updated 1/08/2009

I’m only this organised cos I had nothing at all when I was taken into hospital last time. Didn’t even have my phone or change to call someone and ask for stuff! I dread it happening again!

lists are good!! I could’ve made my life a lot easier by starting from a list, I’ve been really haphazard about it! I may go find a list and then check stuff off it…..Sure I probably wont need the bag for so long this time I’ll have forgotten whats in it anyway!

Jo x

Updated 1/08/2009

Now see after last time I’d kinda recommend letting your hubby go and get stuff from Mothercare 馃檪 my DH got sent last time and he had no clue what to buy he just got the most expensive (Lansinoh) breast pads and nipple cream, which were lovely! and spent much more on babyclothes than I would’ve done cos he was so scared of getting it wrong! Dear of him! Think he liked doing the dad thing too; I may have to ‘forget’ some bits again

Jo x

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Day assessment at night is really creepy!!


Posted 25/7/09

Sorry I’ve not really been on here for ages, I hope everyone is keeping well and I haven’t missed too much!

I’m rapidly turning into a neurotic heap! My DD was born by section at 32 weeks cos of pre-eclampsia last time (and I’m 26+3 and that’s getting close now!) The only symptom I had had was a blinding headache that woke me up at 5, and then not being able to keep paracetamol down, she was born the next day. So last night when I woke up with a blinding headache at midnight, I woke my poor hubby up all in a panic it was happening again! So I ended up being taken into the day assessment ward, just me and my hubby at 1am, and at that time of day it’s really, really dark and creepy in there!! LUckily my little sister was still here so we didn’t have to get DD up too, don’t know how I’m going to cope now she’s gone home to Wales 馃槮

Blood pressure was quite high when I got there but nowhere near as high as it got last time, when the bottom number had went way over 100. And it has come down again this morning, not as low as it was at my last appointment, but better. So they think it was just a headache, so I feel a bit of a twonk now panicking everyone, but it was really bloody scary in the middle of the night!

then when we got home DD was wide awake, everyone else disappeared off to sleep and I lay down on her floor where she could see me and woke up 4 hours later. I hurt today, floor was not comfy! Headache free tho 馃檪

Anyway thought I’d share! Anyone got any tips for keeping blood pressure down? Hope everyone else is keeping well x

Jo x

Updated 25/07/2009

Bless you ladies, big hugs to you!!!

I think it’s all cos I’ve not had chance to be on here, it’s withdrawal headaches 馃槈 Just had loads of family round this week, hopefully back to vague normality now!

Baby is just dandy, they wanted to do a proper CTG trace and she objected mightily to the monitor thing cos we had to press it in so hard to keep track of her!! Poor little mite! She kept booting at it, it was hard to maintain the same level of worry with that going on, think it’s the hardest and most continuous kicks I’ve had so far, making my whole belly wobble! 馃檪

It’s been a lovely week tho, my little brother got married on tues and my best mate had her baby boy Stanley on wednesday, 8lb4, he’s gorgeous!! Just having a wobbly day today, headaches are the thing I dread! I think hypnotherapy and pampering are fab ideas, but for now I think snoozing to crap tv! at least it’s sunday tomorrow, OH isn’t working and there are no plans…yet….

Hope yuo’re well xxx

Jo x

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Anyone have any clues about cervical erosion?

Posted 14/7/09

Hiya ladies, Can I pick your brains please?

I had some pink spotting yesterday morning and again this morning, so I spent the day in day assesment today. Seems I have a little cervical erosion, baby is fine and kicking away. I was so relieved I didn’t ask anything about the erosion and now I’m home I have loads of questions!! Like my cervix feels a bit scratchy and a little sore now, is that just from being examined or should I worry? Will it carry on for the rest of my pregnancy? Will the cells need to be removed? Etc etc, lots of questions!! I don’t want to google it tho, I’m sure I’d just terrify myself with stories that my cervix is about to collapse or explode or something!

Can anyone help?? TIA xxx

Jo x

Updated 14/07/2009

I have one of these too ! I had before i was pregnant and have a couple of small bleeds since being pregnant.

It was described to me by Doctor as – imagine the texture of your lips (on ur face lol) that is what your cervix is like but the erosion part is just a small patch that is聽more聽like the inside of your lip / ur gums. therefor more sensitive and prone to bleeding ahen knocked. although i have to say both times i have bled its been just random not becuase of sex or anything like that !

They say that it is more common in woman who have been on the pill / pregnant etc due to increase in hormones levels

Its nothing to worry about atall – they will sometimes just suggest leaving it as it can sort itself out but other than that they can treat it by quarterizing it.

Ive just been told to get it checked after ive had baby

You can find loads of info on internet about it.x

Updated 14/07/2009

Hi, don’t worry, this isn’t anything harmful.聽 It’s where the cells from inside your womb grow on the outside of your cervix, and is very common if you’ve been on the pill.聽 It resolves itself a few years after coming off the pill, though I’ve been off it quite a while and still have a pretty big patch of it.聽 I only know this as I’m going for regular colposcopies due to abnormal smears etc, but I’m pretty sure that the erosion wouldn’t need treatment.聽 The sore and scratched feeling it definitely due to your examinitation.聽 I have another colposcopy tomorrow (woe is me!) and am expecting to feel uncomfortable and have spotting afterwards, again…聽 xx

Updated 14/07/2009

Oh thanks so much guys! I’d never heard of it before!! And ‘erosion’ makes it sound so scary too. Thanks for putting my mind at rest, appreciate it 馃檪

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