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so I’ve finally been discharged, Ivy is 3 weeks old!

September 5, 2009 Leave a comment

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For the difference it makes to be discharged, I’m in hospital every day anyway, just now I only have to visit one ward rather than 2!

I think I may have overdone it though, as Violet has been off with various babysitters she’s caught nits, just what we need right now! So I spent yesterday nit-combing a 2 year old, I’m sure you can all imagine how much fun that was. But because she was off staying at my bro’s last night I didn’t want to send her with the dreaded bugs just in case she hadn’t caught it from them, so I had to stomp all the way into town to buy the treatment stuff, which was probably silly seeing as I’m not meant to be pushing her anywhere right now, and then had to lift her in and out of the bath. But it had to be done. Only now I’m bleeding again, which I’m fairly sure I’m not meant to….and cos I’ve finally been discharged I don’t have any of the relevant phone numbers to see if it’s something to worry about….but at least I’m going back to the hospital this afternoon anyway. Sure it’s fine. Right?

Ivy is still pootl;ing along nicely, slow and steady. They have started weighing her, she did lose weight down to 1lb 6 so they started giving her fat (lipid) in her drip and she’s back up to 1lb7. And shes’ started to have some milk, just half a mil every 3 hours, and it’s still blowing her up like a balloon! She seems to have gone on poo strike again so they’re testing her for cystic fibrosis in case that’s whats causing it; but at least the lack of poo has meant they can get all the wee samples they need to find out whats causing her grey jaundice. She’s much more active and awake now which is lovely, her little mouth seems to constantly be on the search for food, and she’s having great fun removing her tubes and pulling off her CPAP. So while they say that she’s having 3 hours off breathing by herself every 6 hours, she’s actually having more cos she keeps pulling all the pipes off! When we arrived the other night she was chewing on them!

Anyway the phone is ringing again. It rings every 20minutes all morning, for the first week I panicked every time as I thought it was the hospital and would run for it. But it would seem that most of the family want daily bloody updates, despite my assurances that we woudl call if there was any news and that I am really busy expressing and dealing with Violet and being bloody knackered. So I’m call screening. Oh for a ringer off switch. I should at least 1471 tho….Hope everyone is well!!! xxxxx

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Jo fail!

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I am failing again, obviously preggy brain hasn’t quite worn off yet…..I am being a total spacker today!I am having my postnatal checks on the postnatal ward in the hostpial rather than hanging about at home waiting for the midwife, when I’m going to be up there anyway! So today they wanted a wee sample as I suspect I have an infection and for the first time I wasn’t able to pee on demand. Bit of a shock after being pregnant for all those months! So I gave it a minute or 2, ran the tap and managed to go….only to catch the silly small bloody bottle on the edge of the loo and tip it all down the pan! Fail! Doh!

So I get given a bottle to bring home, take it in on my visit tonight, only to have forgotten my notes so they couldn’t even accept the sample on the ward. Double Doh! Spacktacular!

Ivy was good today mainly; they’re lowering her dose of morphine starting to wean her off it so that they can take her off her ventilator! And I know I should be delighted that she’s coming off the beast, but actually it’s terrifying!!! While I know very well there’s lots of monitors and a really good staff ratio, and I know the staff really well from Violet….but still scary!!!! And then I konw she’ll only be going onto CPAP not breathing on her own totally for a little while yet. She’s doing so well I’m really proud!

Really didn’t think she’d make it to a week this time last week, amazing stuff! Apparently she’d have been abe to come off her ventialtor a couple of days ago, but she’s carrying so much water that they think the pressure of it all in her belly would force her diaphragm up and make breathing really difficult for her! She’s having another platelet transfusion tonight, she still has problems clotting but she seems to mainly be doing fine.

Anyway I was going to type much more, just want to get it all outta me brain so I can get some sleep, but the in-laws and my hubby are really into football and Match of the Day is on and they’re getting really loud, enthusiastic and grumpy with each other. I’ve had to threaten to bang all their heads togther once already. Just never fail to be amazed at how deluded people can be about the team that they like! All rational thougt and arguement goes out the window huh??

Hope I have a better night than last night anyway. Bless my poor hubby! Violet woke up at some hideous time and I didn’t really wake up properly at all and ended up going to find my hubby to ask where Ivy was cos I was all worried that I couldn’t find her. He said that was fairly horrible. Must try and get some more sleep somewhere in the day. Not enough hours.

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gearing up to go home

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i should be 30 weeks today, having another bump pic done instead of watching it sag emptily.

so the ball has been set rolling, after nearly a week here i may get to go home today. which is good, i miss violet terribly and want one small bit of life to at least vaguely seem normal. and can’t forget the inlawsarestaying in myhouse…maybe i should play poorly nd stay here?! really, really torn. i’m dreading having to leave ivy here, i know howmuch it’s goingto suckfrom leaving violet here. but i will have to go home sometime, my poor poppet feel so bad abandoning her hereso i can get back on with my life. but staying here byher side wont magically make her better and i can’t live here for the next 3 months whether i want toor not. she’s so tiny, so tiny, i just want to pick herup and hug her, makeit all go away and all i cando is touch her hand withmy fingertips. poor little sweetheart, i feel soguiltyfor having starved her for so long and not even realised. and now to leave her here while i go home.

and i don’t want to think about what happens when i’m not here, or what we’ll do if we get the dreaded phone call but it nags in theback of my head all the time. it nags now and i’m only over the corridor til they finish the ward round. not like i could change it all if i wanted to. i just hope she knows how much i adore her and her tiny wriggly feet, and how hugelyproud i am she’s made it to 4 days when last week it looked like we make not reach sunday.

bollocks it sucks so much.

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Off to day assessment, seems to be the day for it :(

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Posted 13/8/09

Hey lovely ladies,

I know I’ve complained on here earlier about bump being quiet, I haven’t had any movement at all today and the magic glass of cold water has done nothing so I’m off to be strapped to a bed til they find out whats going on in there. Fingers crossed baby is just hiding from me or something, my it#’s easier to type positive than feel it huh?bleugh what a crap day.

Right must try and find a baby sitter can’t be monitored and chase Violet at the same time.

Jo x

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anyone else packed and ready?

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Posted 1/8/09

My hospital bag is now officially packed and ready to go, and Violet’s stuff is all at the bottom of the stairs ready if she has to be shipped off at short notice too.

I know that sounds really over eager, but I’m 27+4 now and I went in at 32 weeks last time and I’ve been in day assesment twice in the last fortnight with niggles, once overnight! Such things focus the mind a bit!tho with my total lack of brain right now I’m sure I’ve forgotten some rather vital things, more than likely!

So anyone else packed??

Jo x

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Updated 1/08/2009

I’m only this organised cos I had nothing at all when I was taken into hospital last time. Didn’t even have my phone or change to call someone and ask for stuff! I dread it happening again!

lists are good!! I could’ve made my life a lot easier by starting from a list, I’ve been really haphazard about it! I may go find a list and then check stuff off it…..Sure I probably wont need the bag for so long this time I’ll have forgotten whats in it anyway!

Jo x

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Updated 1/08/2009

Now see after last time I’d kinda recommend letting your hubby go and get stuff from Mothercare 🙂 my DH got sent last time and he had no clue what to buy he just got the most expensive (Lansinoh) breast pads and nipple cream, which were lovely! and spent much more on babyclothes than I would’ve done cos he was so scared of getting it wrong! Dear of him! Think he liked doing the dad thing too; I may have to ‘forget’ some bits again

Jo x

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Waaaah! I have become my mother in law!!!

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Posted 31/7/09

So I’ve been awake since half 4, after an hour of lying in bed I got up and put some washing on, did last nights washing up, swept the kitchen and was about to get the iron out…’s only just 7AM now!!! I have stopped. I have a cup of tea and I’m on here instead.

All I can hear is my MIL saying how she likes to get up early and get all the housework done before everyone else wakes up, she gets up at 6 every morning so she can clean up…if I wake up early tomorrow morning I’m going to have a bath or something instead! No housework before daylight!!

Jo x

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Day assessment at night is really creepy!!

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Posted 25/7/09

Sorry I’ve not really been on here for ages, I hope everyone is keeping well and I haven’t missed too much!

I’m rapidly turning into a neurotic heap! My DD was born by section at 32 weeks cos of pre-eclampsia last time (and I’m 26+3 and that’s getting close now!) The only symptom I had had was a blinding headache that woke me up at 5, and then not being able to keep paracetamol down, she was born the next day. So last night when I woke up with a blinding headache at midnight, I woke my poor hubby up all in a panic it was happening again! So I ended up being taken into the day assessment ward, just me and my hubby at 1am, and at that time of day it’s really, really dark and creepy in there!! LUckily my little sister was still here so we didn’t have to get DD up too, don’t know how I’m going to cope now she’s gone home to Wales 😦

Blood pressure was quite high when I got there but nowhere near as high as it got last time, when the bottom number had went way over 100. And it has come down again this morning, not as low as it was at my last appointment, but better. So they think it was just a headache, so I feel a bit of a twonk now panicking everyone, but it was really bloody scary in the middle of the night!

then when we got home DD was wide awake, everyone else disappeared off to sleep and I lay down on her floor where she could see me and woke up 4 hours later. I hurt today, floor was not comfy! Headache free tho 🙂

Anyway thought I’d share! Anyone got any tips for keeping blood pressure down? Hope everyone else is keeping well x

Jo x

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Updated 25/07/2009

Bless you ladies, big hugs to you!!!

I think it’s all cos I’ve not had chance to be on here, it’s withdrawal headaches 😉 Just had loads of family round this week, hopefully back to vague normality now!

Baby is just dandy, they wanted to do a proper CTG trace and she objected mightily to the monitor thing cos we had to press it in so hard to keep track of her!! Poor little mite! She kept booting at it, it was hard to maintain the same level of worry with that going on, think it’s the hardest and most continuous kicks I’ve had so far, making my whole belly wobble! 🙂

It’s been a lovely week tho, my little brother got married on tues and my best mate had her baby boy Stanley on wednesday, 8lb4, he’s gorgeous!! Just having a wobbly day today, headaches are the thing I dread! I think hypnotherapy and pampering are fab ideas, but for now I think snoozing to crap tv! at least it’s sunday tomorrow, OH isn’t working and there are no plans…yet….

Hope yuo’re well xxx

Jo x

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