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the selling of things, shameless plugging!

October 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Finally got round to listing some of my tie-dyes on folksy!!! I have had an account there with the intention of listing stuff for *months*

Looksee my own virtual shop!!! very exciting! There’s much more to go up, but girls are starting to complain….


I think I am pretty much done with ebay after my last items sold for a single penny and the buyer then had the gaul to complain about postage *rolls eyes* I think I may try gumtree to sell the girls cast offs that they haven’t utterly wrecked, unless anyone has better suggestions?

Now to try and get things listed while the girls are trying to climb on me. It’s challenging this trying to make money from home lark!


a bit bloody complicated for me!

October 12, 2010 1 comment

I think I am doing really rather well today, I think.

Generally speaking I would rather pull out clumps of my own hair than phone anyone, especially anyone official. I do not know what terrible things I think will happen if I dare pick the phone up, but terrible things will occur! I have phoned the tax office, the hospital, my health visitor, a friend, and it’s only 3pm!

Similarly I will avoid baby groups and suchlike for fear of um… well for fear of other parents I suppose. Confession time – Ivy has *never* been to the local clinic, our health visitor has always come here as she was a premmie or she’s been weighed at the hospital. So today I have managed to get my sorry backside to the weighing clinic to find out how tubby Ivy now is, only to find I was the only parent there anyway. All that worry for nothing! I feel strangely let down. On the upside this means I got to speak to our health visitor about getting Violet’s statement in place for school, and now suddenly, she’s sorting the whole thing! Wasn’t what I intended when I went in, but hooray!!! As it turns out most of the phone calls I made today were related to this statementing, and all of them have required a referral from our health visitor anyway, so pretty much the whole sorting-out-school thing has been taken out of my hands. Superb!

And further to this I have also sorted a meeting with Violet’s nursery school’s SENCO too, so we can discuss her needs and set targets. Apparently. I am now going to survey special needs teachers I know to see if they can translate these things for me. I feel I am doing a lot of parroting and not a lot of understanding.

But for the moment, tea and biscuits are on the agenda.

Blogging is dangerous!

October 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Here I am setting myself up with my British Mummy Bloggers badges and stuff, to hear screaming coming from the kitchen, my 3 year old hairing through crying as she doesn’t have the words to tell me what’s happened, the wailing from the back door. That’s right 1year old bambini tumbled out the back door face first onto concrete. eeeeek!!!
I had barely taken my eyes off them.
Luckily Ivy seems to be made of rubber, and but for a little red rudolf nose seems completely fine.

I feel bloody awful though, my poor chicks!! Between Ivy’s grazed red nose and Violet’s big red lump on her head from where she fell on the way home from school they’re looking properly in the wars. I am locking them in today I reckon……they will both get a bag of buttons each though, and tons of cuddles. Poor babies.

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sleepy tired sunday

October 10, 2010 Leave a comment

after a week of being got up at 5am or before I suppose a lie in today would really have been too much to hope for, however girly-woos are on fine form this morning. I was woken to the sound of each of them saying ‘Ivy’ at each other at about 6am, very cute until I realised it was still dark. bah.

Since being downstairs, Ivy has managed to tie herself into her own toy bin (an ex laundry basket made of mesh) while crying ‘oh dear, oh dear’. She has since spent the morning making a mockery of our childproofing, we are rapidly running out of high shelves to rehome things……
Violet has been doing her F1 car impression, and has run away from her breakfast, and is currently trying to eat a lampshade.

Sundays, at least we don’t have to do…..oh no hang on we’re going out this morning! I must get dressed!!!

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dreaded poxes

August 30, 2010 Leave a comment

was going to post a blog about any number of the hippy things I’ve been getting up to, such as:

We have an allotment! hair washing, am now ‘poo free and feel more than slightly conned that bicarb and vinegar leave my hair in better condition than it’s been in years. Finally getting to putting the finishing touches to my recycled patchwork blanket, an ongoing project that never seems to get closer to complete.

But alas, actually I’m going to write about how all my plans to do more hippy things have been scuppered by the arrival f the dreaded pox in my house. Violet has got chicken pox. So the round of phonecalls, annoying folk left, right and centre such as my little brother who’s off on holiday with his kids in a couple of days; or my gran who’s meant to be taking me to visit dad this week. But simply the prison is too far away and the whole visit just takes too long (leaving here at 10am getting home between 7 and 8pm) if both girls are ill. Such a long way away and then so much waiting for such a short visit. Now I have to face the inevitable disappointment from dad, who probably wont speak to me for ages now, sulky girl that he is.

So now the wait to see when Ivy comes out in spots too, eek! See just how long we have to be housebound.  I am worried about them getting it obviously, always worry about the girls being ill, but and at the same time, I remember *enjoying* having chicken pox. Not the pox directly of course, but being off school for a fortnight is obviously made of win when you’re 7, especially as I’d just moved schools, I was still wearing the wrong uniform and generally stuck out.  Apparently it can be really rather grim for some folks though, hopefully not my girls!

finding a moment

August 26, 2010 Leave a comment

hough now I have I’m not sure I have a great deal to say.

This morning discovered we had a load of bananas that were about to turn so baked a massive amount of banana loaf. I coloured one red merely for my own amusement as everyone thinks its strawberry, despite never having seen strawberry cake before……

We’ve sorted out getting an allotment, so will be going up to pay etc tomorrow.  Find out which patch of field will actually be ours! And we’ve had a freecycling day really, got rid of a very, very old laptop (ran windows 95), an old wireless modem, and both our baby toy gym things. So a little more clutter gone, and hopefully a bit of good freecycle karma too! We hope to get most of our bits for the allotment from freecycle, finger crossed!

Ivy had her 12 month jabs, and came home in a better mood than she had left the house, which can’t be right?! And Violet has taken a massive leap backwards with her potty training, no idea why but hey ho. And me well I should really be in bed, but thought I’d take a mo to remember that this was a good day

to counsel

August 25, 2010 Leave a comment

so after my inital drs appointment in April I have finally started my cognitive behavioural therapy, so far I have had 2 assessment sessions which have been more difficult than i had imagined and unsurprisingly been diagnosed with general anxiety. So now to make it go away!

I have had homework from both sessions, firstly I had to create a list of 10 goals, which I probably should’ve made note of….. they included losing weight, playing with the kids more, driving, going to mum and toddler groups, making something ‘not be my job’, making time to bath, and the others may come back to me at some point…..finish making things was in there too I think…..

So this week I’ve to start on my list a bit, so I have had a look to see what children’s centres are local, and I’ve emailed the contact for more info on what may be available. I know that sounds really silly, only an email…but I like to read over things in case I’m making a tit of myself, and I can retype emails and texts many times before sending them. And it’s for this reason I don’t phone where I can avoid it, I can’t unsay what has been said. So today I sent an email with only hitting spellcheck, I didn’t read it at all!

My other homework is to keep a worry diary, 3 times a day I have to stop what I’m doing and write what is worrying me at that moment. I guess time will tell as to whether I worry far too much, or just simply too much…..

We also had a hospital appointment, typically for us our appointment was yesterday, the day the prime minister’s wife gave birth early at our hospital. Luckily parking wasn’t as bad as we’d feared it could be, but the entrance was swarming with journalists, Ivy and I were on live tv at least 3 times. They don’t want to see her for another 6 months which is awesome! She’s doing really well, started crawling yesterday too!

And possibly best of all, I faced a proper big demon and visited the NNU while we were there, I wanted to pass on another thank you card now Ivy’s a year old, saw a couple of the nurses that had looked after Ivy, including the nurse who was there when she was delivered which was really special. Proper awesome to see Judith, she had looked after Violet too when she was tiny, but she breathed for Ivy with her bag until she could be attached to the ventilator, and was also the nurse to give us our first cuddle when she was just over a week old. Good stuff.

And well I’m reiterating my promise to myself to blog, to set aside that few moments for me every day, or ever few days to type. Here’s hoping eh?!