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brightbots and pottys

finally given in and am now potty training Violet! We’d been waiting for some magic sign that she was ready, but nothing, so thought we’d try it out and see how she got on. We got her a potty for Christmas, I know what a crap mum I am, and for a couple of weeks and been popping her on it at nappy changes bribing her to stay on with stickers she could put on a bit of card in the kitchen.  And all of a sudden she just got it! I think the massive song and dance we made about her weeing on it was enough to encourage her to continue, and well, she *loves* stickers.

It’s quite difficult with a child that can’t really talk, to know when they need to go, so we left the potty where she could go and get it herself, seems to be working well currently. And then we found that she was forgetting while still just in terry nappies, she still doesn’t seem to care about running round in damp pants, so I got her some funky purple brightbots trainer pants. She loves purple and so Ihoped that would be enough inspiration to not wet them.
They are awesome! they look mainly like ordinary pants, but have more layers round the gusset. The reviews I have read of them in other places have complained that they don’t hold enough wee, which is a fair point, I think they’re mainly aimed at kids who are pretty much trained but may have the odd accident. So what we’ve done to combat this is to add a bamboo liner which soaks up most of it when she forgets she needs to go.
We did have to buy some disposable trainer pants, for when Violet is at nursery mainly. They’re ok,they soak up as much as an ordinary disposable nappy does, in fact with the exception of the pull-off-and-on-ability they are pretty much the same as a dispo. I can see that for many people this is a real plus point, especially when first beginning potty training and there are many accidents. I think that’s a bad thing though, half the battle for us was getting her to be aware of what was going on, and all the wetness being comfortably locked away doesn’t help. We did try adding a bamboo liner so she’d feel it but they made the already fairly bulky nappy huge! So for us adding that extra soaker into the trainer pant is perfect, it means she gets to enjoy wearing funky coloured pants, she cares about them going in the wash and doesn’t want to wet them.
And well, both girls have been cloth bummed so being able to have cloth trainer pants is really good, I hate the thought of filling so much landfill unnecessarily.
In conclusion – Brightbots rock!


Do I do anything but rant really?

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Hahaha! Well my hubby may be right all I do is rant, so please ladies excuse yet another rant taking up space on the right of your page! I rant in this journal too much I konw, but well, Violet doesn’t listen she just gets me to pretend to drink from her tea set, bless!!!

Anyway, Martin and Violet are ill again. As if I don’t spend enough of my time paranoid about getting poorly, now I’m living in a housefull of it! They have colds this time, and while I keep having paranoid flashes that my throat os sore or my nose is running I am actually fine so far. Drinkings lots of OJ and water and telling myself that I simply cannot get this frigging cold!

I am so mightily p*ssed off about it! My bro and family popped in to see us on their way back from holiday, see we’d given them the hol as a wedding present. We’d originally booked it for ourselves back before I knew I was pregnant and had been told by the midwife we’d not be able to go. They’d been skint when we got married in March and so had decided to buy us a week at the same place this time next year as a belated wedding gift, and they wanted to surprise us with the details. Bless them how sweet is that!!! So it may seem awfully surprising and ungrateful to start this with I’m so p*ssed off BUT…..their little girl had been as they put it ‘husky’ most of the week and they thought perhaps she may be coming down with a cold. And lo and behold here we all are 5 days later V and DH sniffling, coughing and snotting everywhere and so are they!

Yeah colds happen, I know we can’t lock ourselves away for the next year. BUT Why don’t they understand, even after Ivy’s last infection and how I ranted about it, that what is ‘just a cold’ for most folk, is a nightmare for us as we’re all stressed, not sleeping or eating properly and means we can’t visit are much poorlier little chick?!? And that most importantly it could be utterly catastrophic if we accidentally did take it into the hospital!!!! Why don’t they get it? Why when I rant about people coming round when they’re poorly does everyone think I’m talking about everyone apart from them? It’s not like they tell me on the door either, no. they wait until they’ve been here for half an hour playing with Violet and all her toys, “oh we think ..x… has got a sore throat” I’m fucking sick of being told that they’re sorry. It’s really driving me bonkers! I really feel like I’m banging my head on a brick wall. Surely to F-ing god this isnt unreasonable of me to ask people to not bring their ill kids to my house?I mean this was why we stopped Violet being babysat, after the nits and the hideous tummy bug in a fortnight it just seemed more trouble than it was worth. I really don’t get why my family thought it would be better to still take V and look after her when they’re poorly and send her ill back to my house? I know they’re trying to help and I don’t want to be awfully ungrateful, I konw they are trying. But really in what exact way is that any help to me at all!? Why can’t anybody just offer to do my sodding hoovering that would’#ve been much more helpful!

And cos V is still ill I’ve had to pull out of her speech therapy tomorrow too, I don’t want her either passing it round everyone else, that doesn’t seem fair! And I don’t want her picking up something else while her immune system is low.

Just hope everyone else feels better soon and that I don’t catch it! I’m only able to visit Ivy for half an hour a day at the moment while M and V wait in the car, and then I’m tooscared to hold her just in case I’ve brought the vile bug in. It just fucking sucks. Stoopid people.

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All Clear!

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Yesterday flew past at 100 miles an hour, but it was a good day!

Ivy finally made it over to Nuclear Science and got her HIDA scan, she looked really rather cosy in the travel incubator bless! And as you may have guessed it has come back all clear! Hooray! So today she’s back onto that king’s regime of vitamins to clear the jaundice out, and now she’s no longer fed TPN it should clear quickly too 🙂

While I was in visiting during the day (which only happens on DH’s days off) the eye dr was doing the rounds. So I got to hold her while she was having her retinas looked at; and one the other lovely mummys was good enough to keep me distracted so I didn’t look, the dr told me not too as they have to pin the poor little poppet’s eyes open! Not for the faint hearted. He’s happy with the way the blood vessels are growing, so that too is all clear!

And also as she’s passed 35 weeks now (36 actually!) the parameters have changed on the monitors, so she had been in a little oxygen to keep her sats up and yesterday had it have it through nasal cannulas which she hated! Last night she went back into air, cannulas gone from the nose; and as all the antibiotics have been finished the cannula is out of her foot too!

I had my post natal check, which apart from relaying the whole story to my Dr and having a bit of laugh, was really rather dull.

Violet had her first speech and language session. Well, she played in the nursery and us parents got talked through various tips on how to encourage our reluctant chatterboxes. It was really lovely to be with other parents and not have to explain why Violet is like she is, as we’re all in the position!

And we got a tumble dryer 🙂 nice, warm, dry washing instead of a kitchen constantly smelling of damp hooray!!!

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For the last 56 hours and counting

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pixiejo · you!

Posted 24/9/09

Ivy has been breathing all by herself!

They’re confident enough in her ability to breathe that they’ve taken the CPAP machine away altogether! And today she should finish her antibiotics – I never did ask what type of infection she had, I’d rather not know I think!

We would be up the hospital right now, but she’s having a day out off across the hospital to the x-ray department with 2 nurses all to herself. All the investigations that had been paused while she was poorly are starting back up, so today they’ll have a look and see if there is a reason why she’s stopped pooing again (sorry tmi, it’s amazing how babies make you obsessed with these things, I swore it’d not happen to me, but there we go!) And when the antibiotics finish she’ll be back on the phenobarbitone ready for her HIDA scan to see if there’s a reason why she’s jaundiced.

And that’s my hubby back with his new haircut…..hope yuo’re all well lovely ladies! Thank you so much for all your PMA, yuo bunch of stars! love ya all xxxxx

Jo x

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Updated 24/09/2009

I am so super excited and proud of her! Can’t believe this time last week she was all sleepy and on CPAP 24 hours a day, not even able to have little bits of time off for ‘nose-breaks’ . Must be her stubborn Scottish blood! 🙂 She hated that machine so much! I wonder what she’ll choose to pick on now.

I will give her teeny tiny high fives and kisses from yuo all when we visit later! woooo! xxx

Jo x

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Jojo stuck at home and sulking

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Sulking muchly!

When Violet was ill at the beginning of the week we thought it was something she ate, especially cos it came on suddenly. Seems we were wrong, both me and hubby spent yesterday sleeping in shifts, to watch Violet, feeling like death warmed up; or totally overheated in my case. I have not felt that bad since recovering from alcohol posioning when I was 17, just grateful it passed quickly! All back to vague tired normality today thankfully! Nits last week, bugs this week, I’m beginning to think getting Violet babysat is more trouble than it’s worth.

So obviously we didn’t go to the hospital yesterday, and we can’t go now for at least another 48 hours til we know the bug has cleared from everybody; so at best saturday night, but more likely Sunday 😦 Poor little Ivy wont have any visitors til Sunday!!!

Ivy’s being kept busy though, she has her eye test today; apparently some very prem babies eyes don’t develop properly, the retinas don’t attach, so they’re checking hers in an hour. Yesterday she had another x-ray on her tummy, she’s still not pooing without suppositries (lovely!) so they had to check that there’s no blockages or swollen bits. The Barium that they put up to get the xray done seems to have solved the problem entirely, I’m glad I missed that nappy, especially in the state we were in! And on monday she’s having a hida scan, as she has prolonged conjugated jaundice. So they’re giving her phenobarbitol from yesterday, apparently this will make all the bilirubin stuff gather in her gall bladder, or maybe her liver, and then when they put the dye in and take all the pics on monday they’ll be able to see whether everything is draining through the gall bladder and liver as it should do. It wasn’t til I got home that I realised phenobarbitol is a sedative (duh) so she probably wont notice that we’re not there at least…..poor tiny one.

Oh and when I saw her last she was having 1 mil of milk an hour; today she’s up to 3 and a half mils an hour!

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Updated 11/09/2009

Aw thanks for all your hugs ladies! We’re all much better and have been yesterday so fingers and toes crossed we’ll get to go and visit tomorrow!

Ivy is doing superbly on her milk, when I rang in the evening for an update she’d gone up to 4.5mil an hour, if she continues to tolerate that then her long line will come out as she wont need the I.V. nutrition (TPN)!!! She’s managed to drop that to a mil an hour from 4.6 which is awesome! I believe she’s off the lipid already too. It’d be really lovely to see her without a line in each arm/leg, and the long line looks particularly uncomfy cos it goes in the top of her arm poor little chick!

She’s back to doing well with her breathing, we think she took exception to being moved as she had a couple of days of desats and braddies which are just hideous to see, and had to have a whole day on cpap. Back up to 2 hours on 4 hours off at the moment!

Hope yuo lovely ladies are all well xxx

Jo x

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Day assessment at night is really creepy!!

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Posted 25/7/09

Sorry I’ve not really been on here for ages, I hope everyone is keeping well and I haven’t missed too much!

I’m rapidly turning into a neurotic heap! My DD was born by section at 32 weeks cos of pre-eclampsia last time (and I’m 26+3 and that’s getting close now!) The only symptom I had had was a blinding headache that woke me up at 5, and then not being able to keep paracetamol down, she was born the next day. So last night when I woke up with a blinding headache at midnight, I woke my poor hubby up all in a panic it was happening again! So I ended up being taken into the day assessment ward, just me and my hubby at 1am, and at that time of day it’s really, really dark and creepy in there!! LUckily my little sister was still here so we didn’t have to get DD up too, don’t know how I’m going to cope now she’s gone home to Wales 😦

Blood pressure was quite high when I got there but nowhere near as high as it got last time, when the bottom number had went way over 100. And it has come down again this morning, not as low as it was at my last appointment, but better. So they think it was just a headache, so I feel a bit of a twonk now panicking everyone, but it was really bloody scary in the middle of the night!

then when we got home DD was wide awake, everyone else disappeared off to sleep and I lay down on her floor where she could see me and woke up 4 hours later. I hurt today, floor was not comfy! Headache free tho 🙂

Anyway thought I’d share! Anyone got any tips for keeping blood pressure down? Hope everyone else is keeping well x

Jo x

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Updated 25/07/2009

Bless you ladies, big hugs to you!!!

I think it’s all cos I’ve not had chance to be on here, it’s withdrawal headaches 😉 Just had loads of family round this week, hopefully back to vague normality now!

Baby is just dandy, they wanted to do a proper CTG trace and she objected mightily to the monitor thing cos we had to press it in so hard to keep track of her!! Poor little mite! She kept booting at it, it was hard to maintain the same level of worry with that going on, think it’s the hardest and most continuous kicks I’ve had so far, making my whole belly wobble! 🙂

It’s been a lovely week tho, my little brother got married on tues and my best mate had her baby boy Stanley on wednesday, 8lb4, he’s gorgeous!! Just having a wobbly day today, headaches are the thing I dread! I think hypnotherapy and pampering are fab ideas, but for now I think snoozing to crap tv! at least it’s sunday tomorrow, OH isn’t working and there are no plans…yet….

Hope yuo’re well xxx

Jo x

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