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Another epic and surreal day

This morning was dad’s sentencing, the day we’d all dreaded since he’d been arrested.  So off we toddled to the court, met with everyone, only to see that he wasn’t being seen until 2.  So rather than being stuck in Truro in the rain, we grabbed a lift home and got pastys.

The court was packed, dad had 5 friends there too, and of course the bloke that had been stabbed too. It was really surreal. So dad will serve 3 and a half years, half of it out on license, and the time he’s already served will be taken off. He should be back out January 2012, which is much, much sooner than we had thought it may be. So many people have stories about folk who’ve got off very lightly, or folk who’ve got long stretches for seemingly minor crimes. But I guess he’s 50 and hasn’t ever come to their attention before, he got a load of character references and has been good since being inside. The judge did mention that he thought dad was at a high risk of re-offending only within his personal relationships, but not under any circumstances, so I imagine that his license may have conditions like not being allowed back to Hayle where his ex wife lives.

When we got back we found a message on our answer phone from our landlady.  She’s horrified at the behaviour of our neighbours and said we should have told her much sooner, but at any rate, they have already had problems with them, they served their notice and we will be pleased to know that they will be leaving ON SATURDAY!!! Whoo!!!! AND she’s promised to find us nice neighbours next time, the last 3 have been proper nightmares. Think I may have to hold her to that one 🙂

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climbing mountains for babies

well not quite literally!

Today we went to visit my new gorgeous niece and her lovely mummy in the postnatal ward. While obviously I was desperate to get to congratulate my sister in law and meet her new babe the thought of being back on that ward made me feel sick. The whole caboodle, parking in that carpark, going up in that lift, waiting in that waiting room, so many memories and many of them aren’t great, but to meet the gorgeous baby certainly a personal mountain worth climbing!

And as with all these things the anticipation was so much worse than the fact. After all the waiting room has all been rearranged and redecorated in the last 6 months, and they were in a totally different room, so much has moved on and changed.

So lovely to have the opportunity to visit the ward, to be there with both my babies and to leave with them both, something I never got the opportunity to do. And fabulous to visit such a gorgeous wee bundle of scrunched features and beautifulness, and a glowing new mum now of 2. Seeing my little brother all proud with his gorgeous new daughter, a doting dad just watching her little face. If I could frame a moment…..It was lovely.

A little victory for me, doing something so ordinary to everyone else. A few more demons slayed and raspberried at.

Welcome to the world Mazey!!

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I am an aunty again, hooray!!!!

Baby Mazey arrived at 9.45pm, yesterday, 3rd July to my brother and his wife, so Elsie is now a big sister!

Now just waiting for my little sister to pop and I will then be an aunty 4 times. Auntiness rocks. No late nights, early mornings, nappies or trouble. Great for hand me downs and for handing down to.

Today has been a sorting out day. The weather is grey and damp, so I’ve been reorganising girlys clothes, clipping recipes and craft ideas from magazines and ring binding them, to the tick tock of the Wimbledon final.  At least it’s sunny there! Oh and the sound of rowing next door, the joyous after effects of a whole long night of booze. Nothing like the sound of people slamming doors and bouncing off the walls like a giant pinball machine to add a little unwanted excitement to our afternoon.  And yes it may be bad of me, but with each passing row I hope that that is the final row. That like nearly every tenant before them, one leaves, closely followed by the other, then a month of peace while the landlord paints over all their damage.

A good day, but not an exciting one to blog about. And now Violet is trying to shove a pen into my hand as I type, think she may like me to draw for her…..

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rolling rolling rolling

oh yes Ivy has figured out how to get all the way over onto her belly and back again!!! All too soon she’ll have figured out how to actually move and manoeuvre about the room and everything will have to be moved yet higher again. Ah well still have the gates up from Violet at least. Growing too damn quickly.

Had a fantastic barbecue yesterday for Violet’s upcoming 3rd birthday. Merriment, presents, and a fabulous time in general. Always lovely to catch up with everyone, but very much felt the lack of my dad there, and Paula come to that.  More than one person mentioned the barbecue we had for Violet’s first where Paula tipped backwards off her chair into the breeze block wall, ouchy. In fact when I think about that I can still hear the echo of that thud….. Still dad managed to call while everyone was here so got to have a quick catch up with all, and Violet sang him twinkle, twinkle too 🙂

Saturday we got to complete our first school initiation, the nursery fun day. And for once that was not an oxymoron! Violet spent most her time stealing juggling balls from the circus skills tent, charging off to the football goal and throwing them at the back of the net. Which I think is about as offside as one can possibly ever get. And she made an utter mockery of the ‘hook a duck’ by grabbing and throwing the ducks, and refusing the prize they gave her, I think to try and make her leave… a lovely sunny day. First school parent initiation test, complete.

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father of the year

out and about today an advert came on for a local competition for father’s day tomorrow, “nominate your dad for father of the year” it said. gotta laugh really, bless my dad love him to bits, but father of the year he is not!

currently my dear ol’ dad is languishing at Her Majesty’s Pleasure in Exeter nick you see. The daft bugger decided that the best thing to do to the fella winding him up in the pub saying he was sleeping with my dad’s estranged wife was to stab him in the belly with a penknife.  Don’t get me started on the whys and wherefores of the existence of the damn penknife in the first place, or why my dad likes to get sloshed in the middle of the afternoon (oh yes this happened at 6pm!) or what exactly he thought attempting to kill the bloke was going to achieve? Certainly it wasn’t going to magically rewind time and make his wife return to him. But I suppose its easy for me to say all that I’m not a 50 year old grandfather of 4, nearly 5, approaching his 3rd divorce with no home, no job never mind career, nothing really.

In the weeks leading up to this we had a collectively, as a family, tried to make dad see the all the things he did have, we encouraged him to move out on his own and get back in touch with old friends, but all to avail. He couldn’t see the point in any of it, he’d dug his heels in and had insisted on staying in their family home and was intending to stay there indefinitely. And now he’s in the nick waiting to hear his charges, they’ll be read at the end of the month, the day before my eldest’s 3rd birthday and the day before her cousin, his grandchild is due to arrive.

I’ve never had the best relationship with my dad anyway, but this last couple of months has been really rather trying. We’ve all rallied round making sure his stuff got picked up, that the documents he needed were sent up to him and I’ve been writing sending photos and sudoku puzzles every week. And it’s not enough, when he phones he’s asking for more puzzles,  asking gran for more money, asking people to go to his ex’s house and take things like his car, which as they are still married is hers too.  It must be really frustrating being stuck inside, impotent, not that I’m that sympathetic, but I had hoped it’d teach him a little gratitude, that perhaps this may be enough to make him realise who the people who care about him were. Not yet though, perhaps as the years wear down….

So anyway “Father of the year”? not this time dad.

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going green

well ok, trying to!
There are many things that I’ve already been doing for years, like recycling everything our local council will accept. Using paper that’s either recycled or FSC at least, and of course buying lots of things from charity shops. So really I’m sort of compiling a list here of what we already do, what I intend to do and where I’d like to end up with it all. Well that’s the easy bit, in a completely ideal world, we’d be almost entirely self sufficient and as eco friendly as possible, using whatever surplus we have to create an income enough to pay for the things that still need casheroo. But in the interim I’d at least like to be able to provide most of our own fruit, veg and herbs from things we have grown. I’d like to have hens to provide us with eggs too. It’s somewhere to aim anyway.
Another small goal is to find the time to blog, whether it be blogging about this or blogging about other things, but I’d like to find the time and the peace to be able to do this small thign every day without interruption. Think I may well be on plums with that for the time being tho….

Still anyway, the things we’re already doing:
*We recycle as much as our council will take from our doorstep.
*Used stamps and ink cartridges go to local charity
*old clothes go to a variety of places, baby clothes and my clothes go to family. Others go to charity, as does  bric a brac, kitchen ware and anything else we think they may be able to sell.
*We compost, not only fruit and veg peelings and tea bags, but also tissue paper, card board, cloth scraps    and everything else that will compost safely.
*We reuse various plastic pots and glass jars for storing herbs and seeds, serving food and the like.
* selling decent old goods on ebay
* buying things in charity shops
* making use of freecycle both wanted and offered
* walking into town to shop
* recycling packaging for ebay goods
* washable nappies and trainer pants part time
* recycling tumble dryer condenser water for garden feeding
* using old muslins to clean
* growing some mint, strawberries, rhubarb, spinach and waiting for carrots,  raspberries, onions,  sunflowers. and bamboo for garden use
* using the nursery’s healthy box to get local seasonal veg
* paper free for bank statements and electricity
* changed from olay moisturiser to body shop organic fairtrade moisturiser
* taking our own carrier bags to the shops
* using carrier bags for spare bins and bagging nappies etc
* using the library, and buying second hand books
* buying free range eggs
* getting xmas and birthday gifts from traidcraft fairtrade site as much as possible
* using mooncup
*  using ecover laundry detergent and fabric softener, refilled from local heath food shop

THings we’re starting to do:
* swapping laundry detergent for soap nuts
* ditching many household cleaners for bicarb of soda, olive oil, white wine vinegar and lemon juice
* trying to reduce the amount of plastic we buy (should be fun with kids!)
* buying products in glass bottles/metal rather than plastic
* buying fresh rather than pre-packaged
* trying to reduce food waste, smaller portions, reusing leftovers.
* saving/ harvesting seeds
* signed up for landshare, look into an allotment
* set up recycled bag making business, or at least try!

there’s probably more, I’m sure these lists will be added to, but seemed like a good place to start blogging about such things!
So hopefully in the next few days I’ll be able to review soapnuts!!! 🙂

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Yup we’re still in sunny Cornwall, for the time being.So thought I’d pop up here and say hi!

After all I was saying about giving blood the other day; I had blood taken yesterday by one of the neonatal drs, they did it with a butterfly thing instead of the usual vacuum things the midwives use. Sorry that’s less than clear huh? And for the first time ever I came over all wooshy as it was being done! I’ve never fainted or anything when having blood taken before, even after Violet was born when they took my blood every few hours cos of the pre-eclampsia!! Nuts! Maybe it was the watching it go down the tube…who knows!

Things are tootling along here, still not sure what’s happening re: Bristol. Ivy’s infection markers have come down, everything else seems stable, we got to have a cuddle last night too! They’ve had to put another long line in, poor chick, they had such trouble getting one in her arm, and she had cannulas in both legs at the time, so sh’es had to have it through a vein in her scalp. It sounds much worse than it is to be honest! At least in her scalp she can still swing her arms about, which she seems to enjoy, and she can’t pull on it, which has to be uncomfortable. And if the infection passes, which it looks like it is, then she can go back onto milk and it can come out again.

It’s been a tough week, hopefully we’re past the worst now. Glad that today, so far, there’s not been any phone calls. Of course it’s lovely that our families take an interest in it all, bless them. I try and keep them updated by text and, sadly, by facebook *ahem* and naturally if there was any important news I’d phone them all. But they all phone, inevitably all on the same day, and it’s tiring. I feel like I need to adjust everything I say according to how they’re taking it; when I said to my dad’s wife today that we’re still here, she started gushing about how wonderful news that was, hooray how fabulous, etc. It thoroughly confused me, I don’t know if she picked me up wrong, we are still going to Bristol, just not today….. And when I told gran that Ivy had another infection the other day she came rushing over and hovered at me. It’s tough, I don’t want to worry family unnecessarily, but I don’t want them thinking everything is just shiny either! When Violet was in hospital it was easier to let everyone believe everything was dandy, and largely everything was mainly ok, but I feel I need them to be aware of how much more delicate Ivy is. Even if just to stop them asking me when she’s coming home, which I imagine is as annoying as the questions all you pregnant ladies get ‘when is that baby coming?’ ‘haven’t you had that baby yet?’ I remember my mum getting really annoyed and telling people that in fact yes, the baby was here and she was pregnant again already. And offering people photos to save them staring…..Anyway, doesn’t really work for me. Must think of something witty.

Also I don’t want them thinking all is well cos they keep buying Ivy things, and I find it really hard to take. I’m still scared she’s not here to stay, I can’t imagine bringing her home, every time I start enjoying her something knocks us back. I have a few photos about but everything else gets put away, I don’t want to see these reminders everywhere that my baby isnt with me, even when it’s going well really. It’s lovely that they’re excited about having a new addition to the family, but in many ways I’m trying to treat it like I’m still pregnant, but the fact that she’s not home doesn’t have any impact on them, we have to live in it. I wish they’d give us the space to come to them to tell them things rather than phoning demanding all the time, I don’t have the energy for it. And the recurrence of PMT and the witch does not help any!

Wow that all turned out to be much more miserable than I had intended! Sorry! Ark at me all maudlin, when today actually things are going well. Meh. Must tidy the kitchen and phone up to see how my little chick is getting on, hooray! 😀

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Updated 14/10/2009

Bless you lovely! I should really only post journals after I’ve visited Ivy, when my sun is shining 😀 ((((big hugs)))) Thanks for your lovely message chick!

There’s also an element of excitement to the not being able to imagine her coming home though, if that makes any sense?! I know her coming home is going to change everything about all of our lives unrecognisably and I just can’t imagine it, but I am looking forward to finding out. 🙂 And yeah in my more maudlin moments like earlier, I can’t imagine her coming home and I don’t want to try and picture it just in case she doesn’t. But I try not to think about it too much, to be honest I couldn’t picture Violet coming home either, and she’s been here for 2 years and now I can’t imagine there ever being a time when she was not here!!

Sometimes it is easier to give people the answer they want to hear when they ask how things are isnt it?! Bless you you’ve not had an easy pregnancy, I’m sure you must be sick to the back teeth of people saying stupid things like ‘oh you’ll be blooming soon’  so I’ll refrain 🙂 Take care lovely xxxx

Jo x

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