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sleeping babies make a long day better

October 13, 2010 Leave a comment

just have to hope they stay asleep! I do think that all things under about the age of 5 are pinchably cute when they’re asleep!!

Another busy day, so particularly appreciate having half an hours peace to watch Fawlty Towers. Nothing like watching Basil Fawlty rowing with himself about Waldorf Salad to bring a giggle.

Counselling this morning, what a fabulous opportunity to relive all the sucky events of the last couple of weeks and analyse why they bothered me. Joy. Well wasn’t really *that* bad. Same time same place next week, only this time hopefully I’ll remember to do and take my homework. Ah CBT, you are bleeding hard work.

The upside of being at the drs sans enfants is getting a wee bit of charity shopping done in peace. Kids clothes for 20p is not to be sniffed at.
Sorry for the relatively pointless blog. I will write thought provoking things one day. When I’m not so tired. Perhaps.

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a bit bloody complicated for me!

October 12, 2010 1 comment

I think I am doing really rather well today, I think.

Generally speaking I would rather pull out clumps of my own hair than phone anyone, especially anyone official. I do not know what terrible things I think will happen if I dare pick the phone up, but terrible things will occur! I have phoned the tax office, the hospital, my health visitor, a friend, and it’s only 3pm!

Similarly I will avoid baby groups and suchlike for fear of um… well for fear of other parents I suppose. Confession time – Ivy has *never* been to the local clinic, our health visitor has always come here as she was a premmie or she’s been weighed at the hospital. So today I have managed to get my sorry backside to the weighing clinic to find out how tubby Ivy now is, only to find I was the only parent there anyway. All that worry for nothing! I feel strangely let down. On the upside this means I got to speak to our health visitor about getting Violet’s statement in place for school, and now suddenly, she’s sorting the whole thing! Wasn’t what I intended when I went in, but hooray!!! As it turns out most of the phone calls I made today were related to this statementing, and all of them have required a referral from our health visitor anyway, so pretty much the whole sorting-out-school thing has been taken out of my hands. Superb!

And further to this I have also sorted a meeting with Violet’s nursery school’s SENCO too, so we can discuss her needs and set targets. Apparently. I am now going to survey special needs teachers I know to see if they can translate these things for me. I feel I am doing a lot of parroting and not a lot of understanding.

But for the moment, tea and biscuits are on the agenda.