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the selling of things, shameless plugging!

October 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Finally got round to listing some of my tie-dyes on folksy!!! I have had an account there with the intention of listing stuff for *months*

Looksee my own virtual shop!!! very exciting! There’s much more to go up, but girls are starting to complain….


I think I am pretty much done with ebay after my last items sold for a single penny and the buyer then had the gaul to complain about postage *rolls eyes* I think I may try gumtree to sell the girls cast offs that they haven’t utterly wrecked, unless anyone has better suggestions?

Now to try and get things listed while the girls are trying to climb on me. It’s challenging this trying to make money from home lark!


And now I feel cheated

September 5, 2010 Leave a comment

So over the last few months I’ve been trying to eliminate what chemicals I realistically can from our daily lives in terms of cleaning and beauty products mainly.

So far I have found success with a variety of natural products. I have replaced my conventional roll-on with all it’s supposed breast cancer causing chemicals, with a salt crystal stone. Provided that I cover all the underarm area, more area than I would with an ordinary roll-on, I’ve found it fabulous! It has withstood humid sticky nights, running about after toddlers, stomping in and out of town and various other sweat inducing activities, all with no body odour stench! It should be noted that I am totally paranoid about smelling bad, so I am often checking when no-one is looking.

I have replaced my body butter and face moisturiser with coconut oil. It smells good enough to eat, and if I wanted to, I could! It sinks in nicely, hasn’t set off my eczema or dried my skin further, and it’s cheap.  Always nice to streamline the cupboard a little too.

Everything household wise is now being scrubbed with bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar, so far everything sparkles.

But by far and away the thing I feel most cheated with is my hair. For years I have believed that the only way to clean my hair is with lots of soapy bubbles like on the adverts, that the more expensive the shampoo the shinier my hair would be. You know what I’m cleaning my hair with? A paste of bicarb and water, rinsed through with some watered down white vinegar and a final rinse of some drops of tea tree. It must cost pennies in comparison to what I’ve been paying for shampoos and conditioners over the years, and my hair is shinier and smells nicer than it has done in forever. Honestly. OK so it’s odd rubbing a gritty paste in the first couple of times instead of silky bubbles, and there’s the paranoia that you smell like a chip shop afterwards, but, so long as you rinse with tea tree afterwards you smell fresh as a daisy.

So now I feel cheated, I don’t need all these products to keep myself and my house clean, I don’t need to spend all that cash.

ouchy embroidery!

Today is my lil bro’s first wedding anniversary! Couldn’t think what to get them so settled on embroidering a cushion for them, well actually embroidering on some appliqué letters if that makes sense. Anyway it’s tons more needlework than I’ve done for anything in quite some time, I had to learn to blanket stitch too 🙂 But finished it in just a couple of days, which considering how demanding my girls are being just now is quite an achievement I reckon. Anyway here it is! 

Apart from that we’ve been watching kiddy talent contests in fields, visiting new babies, planning trips up country and shopping more….
on a hippy vein, I’ve got myself some lemongrass essential oil to put in with the soapnuts for my washing, so now everything smells like lemon sherbert! And I’ve got some coconut oil, which is mean to be better than any lotion, and super cheap, but haven’t had chance to try it out yet….
And I got my funky crystal deodrant stick yesterday, I’ve used it this morning and I don’t smell yet…but it is awfully muggy and humid today so it’ll get a really good test when I start hiking laundry up and down the stairs.

I should really be finishing off Ivy’s birthday dolly now the cushion project is complete, so my ouchy fingers will have to take a little more battering yet….

the easiest pudding ever

I had such great plans for today, and haven’t quite managed to follow through on most of them. Hey ho.

What I have done today is make the easiest pudding ever IMHO. It’s a great way of using up a few slices of bread that are verging on stale, and using up fruit that’s going a bit soft or is bruised, or your kids (like mine) have decided they don’t like raw. I made ours with rhubarb and strawberries; the strawbs, I am ashamed to say, I had forgotten about in the back of the fridge and the rhubarb we grew in an old bucket in our garden!

‘Summer Pudding’

should you want to have a try at this yuo’ll need:

1 bowl and a couple of plates

about 8 slices of bread

about a pound of  fruit, can be assorted fruit

some apple juice


1/4 cup of water

right so, stew the fruit in a pan for about 5 minutes, or until the fruit has stewed down to the texture you want. depends on the fruit you use!

When it looks about right have a taste and add sugar until it’s as sweet as you like it, and stir it well.

Line your bowl with the bread, pressing down quite hard.

Pour the fruit into the middle, put more bread over the top, so it’s sealed with bread on all sides.  If the fruit is juicy, save about half a cup of that juice to pour over when you serve.

Weight the top down with a plate, I put stuff from the fridge on top of that too, place the bowl on a bigger plate (to catch juices if any run over) – this is what it says to do in the book, but I must admit that I’ve never had any run over yet…..

chuck it in the fridge over night, serve the next day. Pour over any juice you have saved, or a cup half and half apple juice and water.

serve with cream, or ice cream, or custard or all of them. Whatever takes your fancy really.

It is yum, I wish I had made it yesterday and didn’t have to wait.

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