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The ball is rolling….

October 20, 2010 2 comments

Meeting two for Violet’s statementing done and dusted. All boxes sufficiently ticked, all relevant peoples notifed. I feel a bit odd about the whole thing now.

We’ve been left with a load of booklets, there are so many there is even a booklet to explain what all the others are for. Seriously. There’s a folder, with all the important details in it, like a giant, more detailed version of the red book everyone brings home with their newborn babies. It’s where we get to write down the myriad of people we have to deal with now, so hopefully we’ll at least remember their names. It has helpful sections we can filled in named things like ‘stuff you don’t want to have to repeat at every meeting’ and ‘things your child likes and things they don’t’ and most impressively ‘when you’re visiting us please….. and please do not….’
Fingers crossed that will save us some of the repetition we’ve dealt with in the last 3 years with all the various departments in hospital. I mean I’ve never blamed them for not wanting to read Violet’s whole medical notes, they’re huge! (Though not as big as Ivy’s, hers have been split into two folders that I swear weigh more than she does even now!) But even so I do feel like a stuck record, I can recite a potted medical history for each of my kids in less than a minute, just from the amount of practice.

Anyway. On the one hand I’m really chuffed that we’ve got people on our side, that we’ve got people on Violet’s side. That we’ve done all we can do to try and ensure that she won’t get totally frustrated and school hating before reception year is over. She has enough battles to fight already.

But yet still there’s this little voice inside that is so sad. I’m sad for her, that she’s not going to get the same normal primary school experience I remember, or that most of her friends will have. Yeah I know she wont know differently, and that it may not be forever, but still. And I am sad for me too, that every part of my parenting experience so far has involved booklets and permission forms, has involved lots of professionals and websites, has involved so many of our choices being taken away.

That is the ball rolling though. Now for the waiting.

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the selling of things, shameless plugging!

October 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Finally got round to listing some of my tie-dyes on folksy!!! I have had an account there with the intention of listing stuff for *months*

Looksee my own virtual shop!!! very exciting! There’s much more to go up, but girls are starting to complain….


I think I am pretty much done with ebay after my last items sold for a single penny and the buyer then had the gaul to complain about postage *rolls eyes* I think I may try gumtree to sell the girls cast offs that they haven’t utterly wrecked, unless anyone has better suggestions?

Now to try and get things listed while the girls are trying to climb on me. It’s challenging this trying to make money from home lark!

TV sucks, let’s listen to some tunes!

October 18, 2010 Leave a comment

It always makes the day better doesn’t it? I used to have music on all the time, before children and I must admit I do dislike the tv quite intensely. Don’t get me wrong there are many programs that I really enjoy watching, and cbeebies/milkshake have helped me maintain a level of sanity over the last 3 years, but I miss listening to music. I love with music that you can listen, appreciate, even join in with it and still read, study, or converse.

Perhaps it’s because I grew up in a house with many people and rarely if ever got a say in what got put on the tv, or perhaps its the time I spent since then in bedsits with no tv at all, but many a day I wish we didn’t have one now. I feel it sucks all the motivation out of the room, so often left in the corner yabbering away to itself with its constant stream of depressing news.

How many times have we all lost an hour watching a program we don’t even like? How many things do we feel we never have the time to do? How many phone calls, games,and hobbies slide by the wayside because the tv is on? I appreciate how hard it is not putting the box on. It’s hard to think of things to do, to keep everyone entertained when they’ve been used to the tv doing it for them.

It’s worth it for days like today. The girls have been much better behaved, perhaps they feel like they’re not competing for our attention with the big black box in the corner? They’ve played so much more nicely with their toys, and with each other, they’ve enjoyed the singing and the dancing about. Us grown ups too, the tunes coming on you haven’t heard for years and the memories that they bring, how often does the tv make you feel like that?

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Many new acronyms and a new sofa!

October 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Well a new sofa to us anyway! Out of our current three-piece suite two seats have utterly collapsed, beyond all rescuing with hidden cushions or bits of mdf. It is done. And while I am sort of laughing inside at the lottery of who gets the crap seats, as naturally they are the popular ones, we have had to get a new second hand sofa. Until then it will be like living in Takeshi’s Castle!

On a more serious note, this morning was my meeting with Violet’s SENCO at nursery. She showed me her ‘learning journey’ and their own notes, as well as explaining many of the acronyms, and me oh my there are tons of them!! In her opinion Violet is likely to get a statement as she needs one to one attention or else doesn’t understand what is going on, but she will need to be watched and assessed a few times before any decision will be made. In the meantime she has an Individual Learning Plan in place for nursery. It has set many balls in motion though, she has referred Violet onto the district SENCO, on the basis that the more professional involved the more likely we are to be able to help Violet through school. She also regularly works with the local Speech and Language Therapy team, including the same therapist that Violet was working with this time last year, so she will arrange for her to assess Violet at nursery. She’s also going to as if we can have a Makaton sign pocket book from them, which would be really helpful!

So from two initial meetings the same people at the top of the tree are going to be contacted, hopefully it’ll all converge in a nice helpful manner with a nice simple statement for Violet all done and dusted and ready for school. I suspect it wont be nearly that simple, but at least I know who to nag now!

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sleeping babies make a long day better

October 13, 2010 Leave a comment

just have to hope they stay asleep! I do think that all things under about the age of 5 are pinchably cute when they’re asleep!!

Another busy day, so particularly appreciate having half an hours peace to watch Fawlty Towers. Nothing like watching Basil Fawlty rowing with himself about Waldorf Salad to bring a giggle.

Counselling this morning, what a fabulous opportunity to relive all the sucky events of the last couple of weeks and analyse why they bothered me. Joy. Well wasn’t really *that* bad. Same time same place next week, only this time hopefully I’ll remember to do and take my homework. Ah CBT, you are bleeding hard work.

The upside of being at the drs sans enfants is getting a wee bit of charity shopping done in peace. Kids clothes for 20p is not to be sniffed at.
Sorry for the relatively pointless blog. I will write thought provoking things one day. When I’m not so tired. Perhaps.

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a bit bloody complicated for me!

October 12, 2010 1 comment

I think I am doing really rather well today, I think.

Generally speaking I would rather pull out clumps of my own hair than phone anyone, especially anyone official. I do not know what terrible things I think will happen if I dare pick the phone up, but terrible things will occur! I have phoned the tax office, the hospital, my health visitor, a friend, and it’s only 3pm!

Similarly I will avoid baby groups and suchlike for fear of um… well for fear of other parents I suppose. Confession time – Ivy has *never* been to the local clinic, our health visitor has always come here as she was a premmie or she’s been weighed at the hospital. So today I have managed to get my sorry backside to the weighing clinic to find out how tubby Ivy now is, only to find I was the only parent there anyway. All that worry for nothing! I feel strangely let down. On the upside this means I got to speak to our health visitor about getting Violet’s statement in place for school, and now suddenly, she’s sorting the whole thing! Wasn’t what I intended when I went in, but hooray!!! As it turns out most of the phone calls I made today were related to this statementing, and all of them have required a referral from our health visitor anyway, so pretty much the whole sorting-out-school thing has been taken out of my hands. Superb!

And further to this I have also sorted a meeting with Violet’s nursery school’s SENCO too, so we can discuss her needs and set targets. Apparently. I am now going to survey special needs teachers I know to see if they can translate these things for me. I feel I am doing a lot of parroting and not a lot of understanding.

But for the moment, tea and biscuits are on the agenda.

National Baby Loss Awareness Week

October 11, 2010 Leave a comment

 I wanted to take a moment to remember all the wonderful mums I met both online and in real life in hospital who carry their babies in their hearts and their memories and not in their arms; whose babies will remain as gorgeous little bundles forever.

Thinking of you especially this week, and hoping that we can raise awareness so families whose babies grow wings too quickly can receive the support and understanding they need.

Much love to you all

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