Pixiejo is….


I am Jo, I’m a stay at home mum and I’m probably rather dull. I have 2 girls, Violet and Ivy who generally keep me busy, and I’m married. I live in Cornwall and I love it, love it more after living away, it is always nice to come home. Even the extortionate rents and lack of decent fulfilling work haven’t been enough to convince me to move away again, yet anyway.

You’re catching me mid crusade, probably cos I’m in the house with the girls too much, I just generally want to be a bit more ummmmm….. hippified I guess, but trying not to be a sanctimonious bore about it all. I hope it lasts, but we’ll see, not as good at it all as I’d like to be, and it’s tough with kids!

I’m trying to set up my own business, I have attempted to sell tie dyed baby goods, but test sales haven’t cracked up to much. I’m trying bags next, and I’ll keep on trying til I find something that works. Not sure I make a very good boss of me, but can’t be worse than some I’ve had!

So apart from wittering about all that, I have imported my old blogs from all over the place. For one thing it’s keeping me busy during the world cup/wimbledon/tour de france, and I wanted a journal all in one place, with everything from those glorious days before kids in with all the mentalness that’s happened since. Saves having to remember multiple passwords! I am trying to blog something every day, however inane, trying to make sure that I take a little time to stop, and to see what each day has brought.

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